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Friday, February 5th 2016, 3:46pm

Story Teller (Submit Entries)

Hello Heroes,

Please reply with your entry to the Story Teller event.

Make sure to include:
- Your entry (once per player)
- Your Ingame Name
- Your Server

Best of luck!
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Friday, February 5th 2016, 7:14pm

Do i post here? I'm not really sure because i just joined the forum today but anyways here goes........

In the world of Elyria , there existed many wonderous creatures . Elyria is divided into many races each trying to conquer the regions of Elyria . In order to keep balance amist the chaos , creatures with special powers were created . These creatures are called binders , among them there is one that posseses earthbinding powers , he is given the name peryton by others , his character is a mystery as he is always hard to spot , he travels to where the voices lead him to . This time he is traveling to the battlefield to restore balance and order to Elyria ...

I tried my best XD
- in game name : Silascharnon
- server : smasha rulk

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Friday, February 5th 2016, 7:46pm

Ingame Name: Mythremi
Server: s13 - Cain
Quality of Story: 11/10 - Could be worse.

A moderate length of time ago, in a galaxy not particularly far from here...

It was a peculiar day. The air was not too warm, not too cold and perfectly still. The blue-skinned man stood atop a hill, taking in the sweet smells and harmonious tunes of the morning. Endless forests stretched out before him in every direction, much to the elf's satisfaction. He sluggishly turned to the East upon hearing a faint noise, that of a wooden flute. It played a beautiful melody that might even have been mesmerising, had the druid not been aware of what it meant. He snapped awake and cast a Trumpet Spell.

"Faerie Rush to the East!" He cried out to anyone who would listen. "Has anyone seen the Earthbinder?"

A small cretinous imp approached him wearing a badge saying 'VIP 3'. He was grumbling furiously. "Ain't no Earthbinders 'round these parts. The gods should give out free Earthbinders because none of us can be bothered dealing with Faeries by ourselves". He continued, despite regular intervention from the gods explaining why they can't give out free Earthbinders. "You know, I bet if they do give out Earthbinders it will only be to the rich whale scum." The imp-creature showed no sign of calming down any time soon and the Elf had far better things to do, so he ignored the imp and moved on.

Before long, he arrived at the Castle, whereupon he was greeted by a line of human-angel soldiers. A stout man could be heard yelling across the battlements. "Alright people! Positions! Everyone with vigilance get to the back. I want a line of Magic Reflection as the vanguard, and every longbow we can find on the walls! Has anyone seen Sorann anywhere? If he's late, I'm not gonna forgive him!"

The hippie flute sounded again, this time much closer. "They're preparing to charge! Raise shields!"

There was a long flash of light, and the first row of faeries fell to the floor. "Good, the reflection is working. Keep it up!"

"Wait, sir, what's that?" A squire was pointing to a solitary figure on a mound, wielding a bow. "Oh god, they've got Plan B! Take cover!"

The horde of now very muscular fae overwhelmed the reflections and descended upon the vigilants and archers behind. Blood sprayed everywhere, limbs flying left right and center. Then, suddenly, a blinding aura appeared amidst the flurry of blades and wings. "Behold, the great Earthbinder has descended upon this earth to cleanse the battlefield!" The voice was great and booming, but not quite loud enough to hide the squire's saying "What's Blue Gandalf doing here? And why isn't he wearing a shirt?"

Peryton spoke, his voice very similar to that of Morgan Freeman. "Hello. I believe I'm here to kill all the faeries. First time on the job though, so I'll just be making it up as I go along." He began to speak to himself now. "The best way I know of to deal with fly people is to serve them. That's it!" Louder now, "Faeries, I challenge you to a Rap Battle!"

A Squire arrived, carrying a gramophone upon the instruction of "Lay down some sick beats.", and proceeded to lay down the aforementioned 'sick beats'.

"Faeries! You've got Holy Light, it's quite a fright,
irreducable damage; that's really just savage."

"You come with Leap, makes your opponents weep,
Extra movement and you even have flying?
C'mon, the Rangers just clearly aren't trying."

"Admit it, you're a disgrace, to the entire Elven race,
fusing with angels, you're worth less than some bagels."

"You gain power from draws, that's worth some applause,
It's a vigilance-beater even stronger than Soul Eater."

"Low countdowns - perfect for rush,
and your artist is really good with a brush.
I'd give you a challenge, but druids only have Lush,
but I've got one thing that turns you to mush!"

"Stormwind! Whoever made it clearly has sinned,
but that's your problem not mine - Now excuse me, I'm off to find the Whale Line."

At this point, Peryton dropped the mic and walked off the battlefield, leaving the Faeries to wallow in despair. "He's right. We're kinda arses. We should never have attacked such defenseles-" They were interrupted by the Earthbinder, who walked gingerly back onto the field. "Sorry, I forgot to actually use Stormwind." He conjured a blizzard, instantly obliterating the hordes of fae, and was approached by one of the squires. "Sir, why are you called Earthbinder if you use ice to attack?" "Ask Dema, my child. Dema knows."

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Friday, February 5th 2016, 8:53pm

game name : Terror
server : s16 - Judgement

All was quiet in Elyria. Not a single sound crept through the forest. Then it came. It was unexpected, but they new it was coming. The wave was massive. It took out the archers and the elven spears. The rest were forced to flee to the Cliffs. But even there was not save. Dark Wing leader Falki was on the look out, he knew his plan had worked. ''Pathetic little creatures, call them selves nimble? Well ill show them a thing or two.'' He flew to the other side of the cliff, ''Ah Narissa, I am so glad you could join me on this fine, fine day.'' His voice was low and evil, ''Your Faeries are perfect for the wipe out of the elven forests.''
''Well, I do like to help.'' Her voice was delicate, like a mother singing her child a lullaby, ''Now, what was it you were offering in return?'' She flew up into his face. Narissa wasn't one to mess around with. She was harsh, worse than any other creature, even awakened Calista. ''We will talk about that if you compleat the task given, now in the mean time, come with me.''

''Sir, we cant hold them much longer.''
''Laurel, may i remind you that your job is to weaken the opponent, NOT to tell me what to do.''
''But sir, the elfs are weakening, even Velyn is weakening, and he reflects magic!''
''Laurel, i know. But our job is to hold them off until the others reach the mountains, they will be safe there.''
Then, it came. It was like darkness had plunged into everyone's hearts. Falki had come, and he wasn't alone.
''Laurel, i want you to go, find help!''
''Sorran, i will come back for you I -''
''JUST GO! Find the Druids to the east, they will help us, now for god sake, GO!''

'Narissa, this isn't what we need!''
''What?'' she replied, ''but we are winning!''
''Look, to the east, the Druids are approaching, they shall be here no longer than sun down!''
''Well? What you want me to do about it?''
''Gladly, i have been forging a spell for this moment, i knew the time would come, so now Sorran will fall!''
Falki drew two godlike cards from his deck, Plan B and Premeditation. One he threw to Narissa, the other he threw to the faeries.
''Look!'' shouted a faerie, ''a skill card, oh i wander what could it be?''
''I know!'' called another, it has to be Plan B!''
With that, the faeries all grew in strength, and in numbers.
''Narissa, would you play that card for me?''
And with that she threw premeditation to the faeries, again they doubled is size, and in strength.

''THERE'S TOO MANY!'' bellowed Sorran, ''PULL BACK!''
''I am afraid that wont be needed.'' came a voice, ''For I, Earthbinder Peryton can handle this one!''

With a snap of his fingers, a huge blizzard stormed down on the faeries, grounding them and allowing the elfs to attack.

''Sorran, I said i would come back, and i will never leave your side again.'' said Laurel
''Laurel, my dear wife, that is ever so sweet, but i really don't want you with me in the toilet...''

''Sorran, its be a while.'' came Perytons voice, ''I believe that last time it was you who saved us, well now, this returns the favour.''


''Hush now, you are simply stuck in ice, where as I, well I am not, good day.''
''GOOD DAY?!'' she shouted, ''MY WINGS ARE GOING NUMB!''

And with that, Falki never teamed with Narissa again, and the elven people of Elyria continued in living in harmony.

16 Judgement

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Friday, February 5th 2016, 9:39pm

The Gods of Kings and Legends looked down upon their world of Elyria and were greatly distressed. Demadrend and LIlpwnd saw the ravages of Fairies powered by their wicked Generals Thoth and PomPom. They leaped over every creature in their path and destroyed even the fearsome Sorann with their Holy Power. Enough was Enough...The Gods whispered to the Developer and Earthbinder Peyton was brought into the world. Upon his birth every flying creature in the land was wiped out of existence, not only the Fairies that were rushing to dominance but Bats, Tengu, Pegasi, and The Mighty Winged Emperor. Ghast, The Justice, and brave priests using Judgement Gate pulled creatures from the grip of Deaths Graveyard and saved these races from complete destruction. Earthbinder was slain and each time the Fairies began to rise again was born anew to destroy the wickedness and restore the balance.
NoTheTerror Maximus Server

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Friday, February 5th 2016, 10:08pm

S4 sarya

Once in a lifetime people had a hard time getting thebfood they needed why was it hard to gain the food well this was because of the phairies who wanted to keep it all for theirselves
There were lots of people trying to defeat those phairies but everytime they tried the phairies became to strong and they passed the powerfull units which the people wanted to play , this made lots of people pray for a rescue they had such a terrible hunger because they couldn't collect food and they wanted some help from the gods above

A week laiter a loud voice spoke : follow me i will help you to save the humanity by killing al the flying creatures for once so that you can feed the people and so that you can survive those hard days .
The people were so happy finally their prayers had been heard and Earthbinder perytpn helped them to defeat those phairies
The sad part is that because of this help earthbinder peryton died due to a attack from ogres which he couldn't defeat , the humanity stood forever in a gratefull position toward earthbinder peryton he was the hero who had helped them defeat the fairys and which made it possible to eat , they builded a special stone which looked like earthbinder peryton and peryton would return every year to have a nice day
Since then earthbinder peryton was a god and everyone loved him a lot nobody would forget his bravenes and his beautifull courage he showed the people to never loose faith and always have faith in the light he would always be there to defend the humanity from the dangerous phairies
The humanity lived long and forever thanks to earthbinder perython
Thank you all for listening and i hope you all enjoyed
Horsewhisper s4 SARYA

Patience is the key to victory ! :rolleyes:
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Friday, February 5th 2016, 10:48pm

In-Game name: SupaCoww
Server: 9-Darius

In a far away world ,Elyria was its name, lived a druid named Peryton who was born with a special ability: an ability that caused every flying creature an extremely gruesome and agonizing death. Although he was born a elf he was became considered as a renegade after he accidentaly killed his companions during a war and desobeying strict orders from the king himself: King Vel'Assar. The orders were pretty simple: he was to infiltarte then enemy's base in the surroundings of the Dragon empire and not leave that location untill he got order to do otherwise. How did that happen you ask?
It all started during a incredibly hot summer. Peryton was still a young druid so he was practising his magic in the woods like he usually did until something came, descending nfrom the sky at high speed, and crashed near a nearby vigilance tower; It was a beautiful fairy. He was astonished. The girl was gorgeous but it had wings! "How can it be?" asked Peryton, "She is alive!". He was perplexed; how can a living creature survive such a big fall? How didnt he killed her with his ability?
For the next few days Peryton took care of the girl who he found out was named "Queen Narissa" (she had been MIA for quite a while and the crown pretty much gave it away) but she didnt even remember who she was; she had amnesia. He figured out since she lost her flying capabilities his gift, or rather curse, didnt trigger.
Months went by and a strong relationship grew between them to a point they became lovers. Everything went well untill the dragons atacked. They were burning villages, freezing people and other creatures and causing havong among several nations.
King Vel'Assar had heard about Peryton and asked him to help them on the battlefield. Reluctant he acceped.

On the day he was parting Narissa followed him against his will, begging him to stay. But he didnt. He felt the need to protec his land, his home, his companions, his loved one; so he left.
Narissa, lost, searched for an audition with the King. She had to know, at least, where she lived, how did she lost her memory, what happened to the other fairies. Vell'Assar agreed under one circumstance: She were to help them fight the dragons; they would need all the power they could get to avoid more deaths, destruction and decay. After a little chat she left.

In a few days Elder Dragon Kane falled and, among the bloodshed, she remembered; she remembered everything. She was a ruthless queen, a fierce warrior and caused the undoing of many. She didnt kill to protect people, no. She did it to conquer the world, to gain power, to sow terror among the living creatures. She invaded the Dragon Empire several months before but she was careless and got caught by the Elder Dragon Cain, who removed her memories and disposed of her later since she was of no use to him. This war started out of her greed and the dragon's revenge. After the flashback ended she started to cry out loud; how could she do such terrible things? To redeem herself she asked Vel'Assar for Peryton's location so she could help him with is mission and try to stop the dragons fury; to which he refused saying it would be better for both to never meet again. She bursted into tears and left to the battlefield again. She was enraged and strted to slaughter everyone, enemies and allies alike. If she couldnt be with her loved one, how was she supposed to go on?

Notice spread about a traitor, who happened to be a fairy, in a nearby area. "Narissa" screamed Peryton while leaving his mission, in a hurry. He spend days searching for her untill he finally did; he saw an ominous version of the woman he fell in love with. He couldnt believe what he was seeing; she was annihilating everyone and everything with her holy light. He was so worried he ran to her trying to stop that madness and bringer to her older-self. But then it hit him; he was in the middle of the Elf's flying unit and they were all perishing. Once he saw Narissa fall, again, he held ner dead body on his arms among piles of pegasi corpses. He saw his loved one die in his arms;he couldnt handle the despair he was feeling. His world just died.

Peryton was judged by the Elf's court two months later. The veredict? He was to be exiled from the kingdom. His present killed more allies than enemies. The reason he had an infiltration mission was to not cause any harm to allies while giving them a hudge advantage. He failed, and the cost was high.

Peryton lives in a cabin in the frontier between the Human and Halfblood empire where he grieves his loved one and regrets all the mistakes in life. He awaits for a chance to redeem himself and that chance will be given if the writter of this story his lucky enough to find and summon him :D

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Friday, February 5th 2016, 11:12pm

In the beginning there was only The World.

Zues king of gods favored the world. He would often notice The World was lonely and wept tears bringing rain. Zues blessed the skies, with lightning, turning The World's tears into shards as they fell.

These shards came in all forms. Human, halblood, elf, angel, undead, dragon, angel, demon,ogre. The shards glistened upon the ground. With one mighty bolt of lighting zeus shocked the land. Fusing shards into new life.

These new races walked the lands without direction. Savagely battling each other for no apparent reason. Every time a creature fell it returned to shards. The victors would eat the shards of there fallen foes and become even stronger.

The bloodshed was needless and zues consulted the minor gods, to resolve the imbalance of power among the races. The gods decided that each race must have a leader to lead its race. The gods forged generals with a maddening haste. Bringing forth life to great leaders such as Augustus, Bael, Chief Lionroar, and many more.

The humans that where not infused with the power of the shards created small containers that would hold the fragmented shards of fallen creatures known as cards.

Humans realized with there new technology they could harness the power of these races, so the humans made contracts with the weaker creatures promising them power and purpose. The more fights the humans won, the more resources they had to rank up the cards that served them faithfully.

These great battles became tradition for humans and all races alike. It was considered a great honor to do battle in the arena.

The gods saw these battles as one of the highest forms of tribute, watching all the creations that they had forged working together to entertain them. The gods continued to forge new more powerful creatures out of shards. They brought the world Tarots, Sins and Virtues.

The gods would not allow anyone to harness these powers, only the most devote that would pay tribute to the gods in gold and lesser tributes of silver for some of there lesser creatures.

The World was lonely no longer, and generation of life flourished across the land.


:panda: Anyufairchild
server 8/Fenris

Will Buy Shargase epic - 50 gold- need 13

Will buy overseer epic - 50 gold- need 7

Saurus war boys - depends on rank
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Saturday, February 6th 2016, 1:14am

Mistakes were made, but whose?

S5 - Azreal

"Peryton?", Silva inquired with a raised eyebrow, "Ah you're curious about the sullen, dutiful druid who stands guard at the silent forest edge. Undoubtedly you've heard what people call him, the Earthbinder. His tale is even more tragic then mine."

"Truth be told the story I've heard is hearsay, Druids live much longer then most of us due to ties to life itself, but I like to believe he told it to someone he trusted and it's been passed on honestly to those who wonder. Consider it for yourself..."

During his younger years Peryton joined the druids with the love of his life, Angelica. Together they learned to cherish life in all it's forms and with open-mindedness they were place on the forest border of Darkmoor. I say that because while we have a rough relationship with the neighboring Prince Serka, it was even rougher then we have now. They managed to befriend him and for a short time we had true peace between us elves and the undead. People like to rumor that he coveted Angelica but according to the story told to me the trio were inseparable friends.

Serka showed interest in the vampiric bats of the forest, unsurprisingly since they were like him, but living. They trained him even how to tame one, which he named Fleder. But this is another story. Unfortunately Prince Serka had a problem, he had found the love of his life among the living a while back and with her consent brought her over to the Undead. Lady Neferati though changed. No one was sure if it was relationship problems or the mentality of undeath, but they grew distant. But when he started hanging out with Angelica, nevermind Peryton, she grew deeply jealous.

For a while she tried her best to sabotage their friendship, even almost causing a war between the races before she was put in her place. Though despite being temporarily imprisoned she had sown one last seed of choas that came to fruit. A gift bottle of wine, supposedly from the prince.

Angelica took the first sip and was immediately beset by the poison, saving Peryton from mimicing it's fate. He quickly understood the fowl play and called upon Serka who would hopefully have the cure.

The Prince was there at once, but unfortunately there was only one way to save her, bringing her the embrace of undeath.

Angelica was comatose from the poison bringing her quickly to a swift death, which left Peryton to voice her fate.

"No, a druid understands the cycle of life and death. Even an early death, by unnatural means must be accepted in the cycle. Today she was a the prey, but it doesn't mean we have to forgive the preditor."

"But she can still live! Have I not proven to you that we are no different friend? We can save her and you choose to let her die?"

"She dreamed of being a druid, but she would be a druid no more. This is what she would want."

Prince Serka saw that he would not be moved but could not stand to watch her slowly succumb to death, he strode away but didn't get far before he had made up his mind. Utilizing Fleder he summoned his beast friends the vamperic bats and before Peryton could react swooped in and grabbed Angelica. "It's for the best Peryton! You'll see!"

Peryton grasped the forces of nature as he never had before waves of earth, vines jumped and branches bent but could not keep the bats from the sky with his love.

Days later, Angelica returned, no longer a Druid but a Vampiress. She tried her best to convince Peryton that nothing had changed, even the beasts she so loved reacted like normal to her.

But to Peryton she was dead and it was all his fault that she had left the cycle of life. He vowed to himself that never be left vulnerable to the creatures of the sky in stopping his duties to nature and trained his abilities thus.

Thus the tragic tale of Earthbinder Peryton continues as he remains watch of that border, no birds sing or insects buzz or bats fly near, in fear of his wrath. Even the fairies refuse to play in that area of the forest.

Silva the Frozen Heart smiled her rare smile, "So my Tengu friend you are safe walking through there but I wouldn't spread your wings... lest you tempt the fates."

Don't ask me, I don't even know why I'm still here.
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Saturday, February 6th 2016, 3:18am

In game name: Reborn
Server: 16 Judgement

Long ago the world was ruled by the 11 Master Races who were proud of their reign. Each race ruled their own side of this world.
Humans: Tried to stay together and civilized.
Undeads: Mostly lived in graveyards but some were brave enough to try and attack other races, and when they did the Celestials were there to bring judgement on them.(heh see what I did there? Server judgement 8) ... :thumbdown: .... ;( ...Continuing)
Beasts: These mighty beasts were located by caves.
Goblins: Were sneaky and lived by mountains.
Ogres: These fearsome creatures lived by the mountains as well to train their big bodies in combat.
Elves: Lived among nature protecting it from any danger.
Halfbloods: Were more tribal if anything they chose roles in their society and followed to the end.
Planes: These were gods and those only out of myths they didn't interrupt with the world unless necessary.
Dragons: These fearsome creatures have evolved heavily throughout time, some have become bigger monsters and some have become more human to increase their agility.
Celestials: Were beings that lived in the heavens and only came down to protect those in need.
Demons: These were the mightiest of them all and they resided in the Nether.

While all races respected each other some wanted to rise and take over their portion of the race. Multiple elves and celestials attempted and all failed. All were exiled and left to wander. This was what led them to meet and what started it all. These elves and celestials naturally hated each other but they knew they needed each other, they would train day and night to become stronger to only go back and attempt to take over their race once again, but to no success because once again they failed. This defeat would only lead them to farther rage and would do anything to get enough power to get back at them for this shame.

One day the mighty Diabolos ascends towards the human world to try and burn a city down, but all he sees is the burning rage of two different races and them working together. He notices their ambition for power and shares a special crystal with them and tells them, "If you want great power, you must come together and only then you will grow stronger." The two came together and fused to make a new class of creatures known as "Faeries." These creatures start off weak but their power increases as time goes on. Word quickly starts to spread throughout the forest and reaches the ears of the King Vel'Assar and at the time he didn't seem to care and neither did the heavens. This would come to be his biggest mistake because this led to many elves getting murdered because they wouldn't bow down to the faeries. This sparked the rage of King Vel'Assar and he would soon go out to combat himself. The main issue was that the faerie army had grown immensely.

When the King Vel'Assar went out to battle just looking at faeries sparked his rage even further. At the moment of picking up his bow, once he was about to shoot an arrow he would pull back harder than ever and shoot them down by shooting through their wings. (This is why King Vel'Assar deals double damage to flying enemies.) Except, even the mighty King couldn't take on a whole army of forest by himself so he was forced to retreat. The faeries had won this battle and it was well celebrated, but they knew that without the kings head this war wasn't over. The King went back home full of shame and couldn't show his people his face. A few days go by and a great tactician by the name Earthbinder Peryton comes to the King and ask if he may offer his assistance. He tells the King his tale of how he went to train on the mountains to fight the mighty birds who have assaulted his forest; tells the King that he might be off some use in getting rid of these "Faeries" he had troubles with.

The King asked Peryton to show him how he would be useful in this upcoming battle. Peryton took the King to the mountain he has been training, the birds in this mountain are large and are fast. Peryton steps forward and says "If you would step back my King," and just like that he summoned a storm of mighty winds. In this sense he proved to the King that he can be useful. The tactician explains his plan and ask the King to be bait and lure the faeries to the mountain. The King agreed to the plan and lured the faeries to the mountains. Once the King showed himself to the faeries they instantly gave chase because this was their chance to make all elves bow before them. The King ran as fast as he could until he finally made it back to the mountains, that was when he said "This is your last chance to surrender and serve under me to protect all of nature," the faeries simply laughed and went after the King. As they close in you hear a loud voice saying "STORMWIND" and suddenly a mighty storm came and destroyed all of the faeries wings. After the storm majority of the faeries were dead and those that lived weren't able to move. The King went home and made Peryton one of his highest ranked elites and second to no one but him. This was how the great Earthbinder Peryton came to be known.

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Saturday, February 6th 2016, 4:39am

- Hibari

- s16 - Judgement.

In a world far, far away from here, in a galaxy not know as the milky way, existed another world... a world that was not know to anyone but the ones living on that world.

In this world were different clans of course. The Elves, the Undeads, the Halfbloods, Ogres, Goblins, and beast. Of course, every clan had their difference but they always kept to themselves even if there was problem from time to time. You keep to yourself and I'll keep to mines or so the saying says.

We could talk about many events that happened in the history of this world, but that would take too long to tell about don't you think? Instead, lets talk about one event in particular that changed the history of this world forever.

It all started a few years after clans who called themselves humans started coming to this world. It had supposedly been millenniums and finally the technology was advance enough to travel to this far, far world. Of course, the inhabitants of this world could not understand but gave it no mind as they saw they meant no harm to them. Yet soon enough, though they weren't sure if the coming of these humans had brought them, Demons, Dragons and Angels started to come to their world.

These three new clans started destroying everything, even though those that were part of the angel clan. A new clan also soon rise calling them selves the Planes. Humans who had seem them before started calling them as those part of religion and other mythical things that the original inhabits of this world did not understand.

Those part of the Royal family for each clan that existed in that world soon went into war with the new clans. They were destroying the beauty of their world just because. That angered them yet more betrayal came along as members of the existing clans started...merging with the new ones. One of the biggest betrayals was the one where the members of the Elf clan merged itself with the Angel clan. Fairies, what they called themselves, were not merciful. They would come to the clans, especially the Elf clan, and destroy everything. The King, Vel'Assar, was lost. There was so much that the clan could do against those new... monsters is the only word they would think about.

They could fight with their arrows and bows, but the fairies will just counter attack against them. Their cavalries and pegasus' could also fight back but as it was said before, there was so much they could do against them, especially when their power would just go up every time.

"My King," started a member of the Elf clan, "please rest. Not resting means we will have less power to fight these new monsters" said Velyn the Unscarred to their King. He was one of the few that could stand against the faeries and come out unscarred, just like his name said. Behind him was the human that always accompanied him. Ophelia West-Wind also stood next to Velyn. There was not much she could do, but she was the general of the cavalry/Pegasus army of King Vel'Assar and so she would stand with him whatever may happen. First Ranger Talenor stood silenced at the back of the room. He was ashamed that their arrows and bows could do nothing, specially the beautiful arrow and bow of their King who could stop anything from attacking. Kathryn Everwind stood next to the window of the room, looking down at the mages of their army. She was always quiet and like the wind but a great mage when needed.

They had been doing everything in their power to counterattack the fairies but nothing worked. The humans that were their friends now, those that actually still stood with their clan and not had gone to the others , especially with the fairies, had visited the Planes from time to time. They were not sure why they would do this and the Elves were suspicious that they might betray them like the other humans had. The humans had explained that this clan, the Planes, were like Gods in their world which was far away in the galaxy called Milky Way. They did not understand, they really didn't but the humans had said that these Gods could sometimes see into the future, or predict the future at that. yet nothing had been said by the members of the Plane clan.

"Wait and God will reward you." was the only thing that they had told the humans, but time had passed and nothing had happened, only more destruction and the death of their clansmen. This God did not exist, nothing like what the Plane clan said was truth, they were only playing with them, had brought their feelings of a savior coming to save them to only bring said feelings back down and stepped on them as if it was trash.

King Vel'Assar looked at the members of his army, those that protected his people, those that could not fight. What was he to do? What could he do? He trusted the humans as if they were part of his clans, his family yet at this moment, he wasn't sure if he should continue to believe them. Of course, the humans have help them in advance since they have come but in times of wars, only their own people matter. He understood that humans were not as strong as the clans from this world but nothing could be done about it.

The Humans had also said something about the angels that had combined themselves with the elves that had betrayed their clan yet nothing really had stayed in their mind. Like humans had said in one ear, out the other.

One question still puzzled the King, why were these faeries attacking? He was sure he had treated everyone in his clan good. After all they were his family. Yet, they had up and betrayed him, merging with the angels. Had the Demon clan tempted them? Sounded weird, yes. Or maybe it was the "holy' light, as the humans called it, from the angels that had called to them. Did it called them it a bad way? He did believe so if they were attacking them. The question that would already plaged his mind was, how could they retaliate?

And so, years passed like this. Each year, a pissed (bigger and bigger) disappeared as if it had never been there. The King stood over the little piece of land that now only held the castle that was part of the Elf clan. Just over the horizon he could see them all coming, as if today was finally the day that it finally was going to be the end of all. Soon enough, everything around them was a roar, a roar of fights happening everywhere. But of course, the hybrids, as they had their now because it was not only the faeries anymore who had merge with other clans, over took them. It felt like days when it had only been a few hours.

King Vel'Assar stared up into the sky as one of the faeries stood there ready to attack him with their holy attack. As he looked to the faeries eyes, he finally understood, he understood why this all was happening. Everything was-

Eyes became wide as something seems to happened. The King's eyes also became wide as the faerie seemed to die right infront of them. he looked around and it seemed that what had been left of his pegasus army had also die and a big sadness washed over him. A shadow appeared on top of him and he looked towards the figure.

Someone with Antlers and ghostly wings looked down at him. Yes, the King had finally understood.

Later on, they will know that this someone was indeed send by the Gods, and the the Plane clan had been right.

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Sunday, February 7th 2016, 5:45pm

Elyria world, mysterious world inhabited by a variety of dangerous and mysterious creatures.
many years they lived with the agreement and the rules they had agreed.
with science and ancient myth they started looking for a new source of
power and in the end they managed to find a way to get a new power in
the world Elyria, they use the "scarlet synth crystal" a crystal that is
able to combine the strengths of both creatures and make it as a new
creature with unexpected strength.
but the human greed for power and strength, change everything.
begins where the
"Kings And Legends Earthbinder Peryton The Last Defender"
man knows the power of combining the power of angels and elves, led by
emperor augustus they started to kidnap the angels and elves, and they
use the scarlet synth crystal to create a new army created the "faerie"
new creature with the ability to fly, leap and smart, with the holy attack it
as the dreaded scourge.

emperor augustus started his plan to possess the elf, he sent troops faerie, elf
nation who know that they were attacked immediately form a defense. Pegasi led troops to confront ophelia Westwind but they were no match faerie, Pegasi forces easily defeated.
vel assar and velyn the unscared appear in the forefront with the
capabilities they can inhibit the attack faerie but it is not enough to
protect the elves with flying ability of the faerie capable of passing
king vel assar and velyn the unscared, the archer, priestesses, pikemen and mage already seen to be able to withstand the attacks of the faerie. and also sorann the unforgiving can not fully be detained faerie, plus
cavalary summoned by the emperor augustus increasingly unfavorable
circumstances for the elves.

one by one his men fell first ranger talenor can not do much, abilities
and attacks such as not meaningful for the faerie, amid despair finally
ryli the whitewitch came with the druids, with the ability to "icy
Tempest" ryli only able to withstand the pace of the faerie but it is not enough ability to "smart" owned faerie makes it more and more powerful,
the druids also perform ancient rituals...
they formed a circle and chanted, suddenly the sky turned dark, the
wind blows harder and thunder rumbled, blinding light appeared from the
sky and then came the figure of blue, gray hair and a long beard white
with horns carry a stick.
talenor first ranger said in his heart "if it is possible he is ??"

immediately he raised his stick and shouting "STROOMMMWINNND" came the magic storm that wiped all faerie. and
sure enough he was "Earthbinder Peryton" mythological creature of the
nation elf druid leader of all, he appeared as the last defense of the
elves. see
faerie troops finally defeated emperor augustus immediately
surrendered, since that time the news about "Earthbinder Peryton" began
to spread to all corners of Elyria and all believe that earthbiner
peryton ancient mythological creature of the
nation elf is real.

s4 sarya
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Sunday, February 7th 2016, 9:26pm

“The Earthbinders. Every creature knows of them, they are the guardians of the sky. Creating gale force winds, streaking across the whole of Elyria; carrying the screams of the stupid creatures that fly at night, throughout the land. This, this is why we never, ever fly at night! Do you two understand me?”

“Yes, sir, it will never happen again, sir” Nicole and I uttered, clearly showing they we frightened of General Velyn.

“Good, now you two back to your dormitories, both of you!” General Velyn said as Niocole and I walked down a hallway off to the right, “Glorion! You’re going to wrong way!”

I couldn’t sleep that night… the screaming was louder than normal, the wind faster. And now and again a snowflake would fall through my window, sit on the floor of my room and slowly melt away into the emptiness that was there before it. But that wasn’t the reason I couldn’t sleep. Nicole and I had seen something earlier; I don’t know whether to tell the council or just leave it alone.

We had seen dragons, loads of them, filling every crevice, every cave; scaling every mountain. They’re leader… the sun! Worst of all, they were only in the mountains nearby…..

“Get up! Grab your weapons! Dragons…DRAGONS!” I woke up, the roof of my dormitory was alight; the flames were licking the walls, spreading down towards me.

That was when I saw them…The Earthbinders and leading them, was Earthbinder Peryton!

The sky filled with dozens of bright lights, the air turned cold around me, the winds picked up, faster than they were before, the screams of the dragons shrieked through the elven forest. I looked out of the window, the bright lights had subsided but there was, what seemed to be a blizzard. I looked closer and in the centre of the storm I saw him. His hair bellowing in the wind, his horns with wind swirling around them and his staff, the eyes lit up with an icy blue glare that could freeze someone just by looking at it.

They we’re no longer a myth, they we’re a legend!

ign: kritzo

server: judgement

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Monday, February 8th 2016, 11:51am

A Story of Revenge

IGName: Kaynie
Server: Darius (S9)

I woke up, yelling and soaked by my own sweat.

“The nightmare again?” a sleepy voice asks. It’s the voice of my beautiful women Ryli.
“yes... the same as always” I repeat.
“When was the last time you have slept without interruption, Peryton?”
“I haven’t since that night”

That night... The night in which I lost my parents, humiliated by bloodthirsty faeries.
The night happened 30 years ago, but is still preventing me from sleep. I will never forget how their body’s got ripped in parts in front of my eyes.
I was still a young and weak elfish boy back then... to weak to protect them. I was visiting the druid school in the silver forrest and people would have described me as friendly, innocent and a bit naive.
But that night has changed me, the young boy inside me died. I am out for revenge, I traveled through whole Elyira and trained with the mightiest druids and warriors to become strong enough to fullfill my revenge.
In all the years I have caught and tortured a lot of faeries, to find out who killed my parents and where she hides.
Most of them knew nothing, but killing them still statisfied my inner rage a bit. Luckily yesterday I found a group of Faeries that finally knew something, the murder of my parents should be a pink coloured Faerie called Narissa, the description they gave me fits the picture I have from her from my nightmares.
It won't be easy to get to her, as I found out she is the Queen of the Faeries, so she will be protected quite well. But I have to kill her to end my nightmares, this way or the other, they will stop soon. Either I kill her or I die trying!

"Try to sleep again Pery, you need your full strength for tomorrow" Ryli said while stroking my arm.
"You are right honey, after tomorrow I can finally close that chapter of my life" I responded.

In the next morning I woke up very early and Ryli was already in the kitchen, preparing the breakfast.
"wow that smells great, what do we eat?" I asked her while I put my arms around her.
"Skystone Nid Bacon and Eggs, your favourite dish!" She said with a smile.
We finished the food and I packed my stuff and prepared for leaving.
"I will ask Sorann and Velyn to support me, I could need their help with these faeries" I said when leaving the house.

Sorann was a small grown elf but you better do not underestimate him, he killed alot of Faeries already.

"Hey Sorann, I found out where the faeries have their secret basement, I plan to kill them all, so we can live in peace again"
"Thats suicide, you are crazy!" He yelled at me "You can't go alone!"
"I know, thats why I am here to ask you for your support" I repeated "I will also ask Velyn, she seems to be able to reflect the faeries attacks"
"Ok i am in, these little bastards took everything from me, I will help you" Sorann said with a very cloudy face.
"Ok great, lets get Velyn on board and then we can start" I said.

We went to the stables where Velyn was sitting with Talenor, the First Ranger of the Army of our Kingdom. He is almost an as good archer as our King, Vel'Assar. Maybe he can join our cause too.
"Hey Velyn, hey Talenor, what are you up to? We are about to kill the Queen of the Faeries" I said.
Talenor laughed and asked "You two? Thats a joke right?"
"Well, we were hoping you two would join us maybe... the encroachments on our people by the faeries have to stop, dont you think? I asked him.
"Yes you are right, but the Faeries are dangerous Peryton, you should know that the best of us." Velyn interpolated.
"Yes I know Velyn, and I trained hard, I am able to take down a lot of them by my own and with Sorann, yours and Talenors help we could manage it!" I yelled back to her, since I was a little bit angry that she believes I am stupid.
"Ok, so you know where they hide? I will talk to our King and mobilize our Army if he allows" Talenor said.
"Yes I know where, but we should go alone, we are all somehow specialiced in taking them down, if we go with an Army we will have alot of casualties"
"Ok, Pery. We will try it, but if something goes wrong, we will get the hell out of there and come back with the Army, alright?"

We followed the path the tortuered faeries descriped me and found a dark pit in a Mountain.
"They said it is a tunnle, on the other side they have their castle" I explained.
"Pretty dark, are you sure it is not a trap?" Talenor asked cynically.
"Lets stop talking and find it out" Sorann grumbled, obviously a little bit bugged from Talenors dissent attitude.
We passed the tunnle and reached the other side, it was a very beautiful area, full of trees and animals.
"Look, there it is!" Velyn pointed into the east and there was a huge Castle build with Rocks.
"Oh wow, it is bigger then I expected, How much Faeries do you think will be in there?" Talenor asked.
"None after we are done with them" Sorann responded with a smile.
"Lets go!" Velyn yelled and we started to move to the Castle

As we reached the Castle a bunch of Faeries spotted us and attacked us straightly. Sorann killed a few of them easily, but the one with the blue wings seemed to be stronger then the others, she resisted his attacks and attacked him back.
Velyn jumped in front of him and reflected the attack of the Faerie. Talenor shot down a few of them in the meantime, his Bow seems to be very effective against them. Now I feel happy he joined us, even tho hes a bit annoying!
"Everyone alright?" I asked after we killed them.
They all seemed to be alright and we moved into the Inside of the Castle and killed a a lot of Faeries on our way to the throne room.

We finally reached the throne room and killed the last guards in front of it. We entered it and there she was. Queen Narissa, the Queen of the Faeries and the murderer of my parents...
"Do you remember me?" I asked her
"No Elf, should I?" She answered with an arrogance that disgusted me so much, that I can't wait to kill her.
"You killed my parents, 30 years ago on the Road between the Town of Folksvangur and the Cathedral of the Goddess"
"I killed a lot Elfs, I can't remember you or your parents, but I bet they tasted great" She laughed.
"You will die for that!" I yelled and raised my Staff and she died!


Narissa is dead, there is finally peace in Elyria and Peryton can sleep again!

English isnt my native language so there might be a lot of mistakes, I am sorry for that! :*

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Monday, February 8th 2016, 2:55pm

Born from the tears of those ravaged by Faeries and Pegasi, trained by the Druids and the Blind Master Tula in the Dark Forest,comes a hero like no one has ever seen before.Sworn to avenge those who have suffered by the hands of the flying,determined to bring them to their knees,he will not rest until all flying creatures have taken their last breath,until Pegasi and Faeries will only be seen in guide books.He is Earthbinder Peryton,nightmare of the flying.

S16 - Judgement

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Monday, February 8th 2016, 5:00pm

Black Beast
A negligible amount of time ago, there one lived a race of
elves in a land called Eryria. Well at
least I think so for the story. Here the
elves of light flourished and prospered, but did so off of the blood sweat and
tears of their slaves the night elves. The
queen Rhyli and the King Vel Assair lived lavishly and did not spare any
expense to fulfill their opulent lifestyles.
Their 2 children the pretty boy Vylen and the sultry Tanwen were the
epitomy of high society in the elven world (if confused google Kim Kardashian or
Paris Hilton) But like every story you will need a little drama to make it
worth reading. On the 300th
year of their reign Queen Rhyli found out she was “with child” (translation:
Knocked UP!). The king like most fathers
was elated and went to the seer and his cousin Princess Silva in the southern
province of Draglasar to ask for a prediction of the child’s future anddddddddd
to see if it was going to be a boy. (king vel does not like to miss his target!
Boys only!) When silva looked into her crystal ball she saw some disturbing
news but knew that it would get her a swift arrow to the throat so she let the
king know it was to be a boy and that he would bring peace by taming the unruly
fae of the south! King Vel is very pleased by this news as he felt his son was
to be a PIMP! Gotta respect that! When the
boy was born to everyones surprise (except the queen) they saw he was of very
dark skin completion and had mini horns! Then the king knew…..and thought to
himself “this heffa been getting frisky with the HELP!” And became enraged like
Peaslee does when he loses to fae (so u know he was mad!). But since the child was of noble birth he
could not kill it as he was inclined to do so instead he shot off all the
dongers of all the night elves in the castle and hung them in the court yard to
rot. He subsequently Llocked Rhyli in the tower and banished the little dark
runt to Dragalasar for his aunt to raise.

On his first birthday 3 Kings of Legend Trashymakus the soverighn
of angels, Kaynie the King of the Accursed lighting Stuff, and Bankai the pimp
of server tricks went to pay homage to a future prophet. King trashy saw that he was very small and
not making his developmental milestones.
King trashy told him: “hey don’t worry little one u may be small but I will
bless u with speed” and made his Cool Down cost be 3! King kaynie saw that that he had weak eye
sight and would squint a lot so he says “he little one u blind like my friend Solid
prince of the MEGA HIGH CD decks so ill make sure u do frost damage for I don’t
think u can hit someone with a fist” also ill give u the ablity lush so your supporters can come fight for u!
Then king bankai rolls up and thinks of the future and how the boy had
the potential to be a true pimp with the right guidance. And all pimps need a
cane, this being the case Bankai granted him the pimp staff of earth binding. SO that all flying Hos will know whos boss
and bow down to his might (though he is only a 1/3 but he can fake it
lol). With these blessing the kings left
and could only hope the gifts would serve the boy well.

Preyton as the boy would be called grew fast. He was the not
the strongest or fastest but he was slick with the tongue and good with the
ladies. On the 400th year of
King Vels reign there was a murderously swift attack from the evil southern
whales (as u can see from the map LOL) they brought with them wave after wave
of Butt whooping Fae led by the Evil King Black Beast (gotta own it!). They threatened to over run the entire south and if the southern
defenses fell then all Elryia would be lost.
But what could anyone do the fae were so smart and craft. When u figure
out what they would be doing it they would come up with Plan B and wreck u
sideways. And those led by general troth
would be 10x as potent. So on the last stand
of Draglasar in the region of wymwest temple where the temple of fire is
located preyton, silva and the few elves left had to fend of the last
wave. Prince vylen who has joined the
front lines was unstoppable but could not fend off the entire horde. Many looked at Preyton with his 1/3 body and
deemed him useless in the fight. But
when all seemed dark and lost his pimp staff granted by the 3rd king glowed and
reflexively uttered the famed words of Ludacris (Move Fae Get out the
way!!!!!!!!!!!) and fried the wings of Queen Narissa and all the fae minions. The evil King BlackBeast was very surprised as
to the out come and uttered when I assemble the the EVIL GENERALS of kyrene,
Kane, Laurel, yumi, and Humility I will be back for u preyton! This is how the legend of preyton began!

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Monday, February 8th 2016, 5:15pm

Earthbinder Peryton Arrested


This individual Peryton is a fugitive on the loose. He is considered armed and dangerous. He is wanted in 16 different servers and is top wanted by the top agencies including interpol. He is wanted for:

1. Animal cruelty (fairies)
2. Genocide (has killed all flying creatures in the country he lived at)
3. Racism
4. Bribing (bribed top official demadrend)
5. Sexual harrassment (Lilpwnd was the victim)

Peryton is now assumed to be located in server 17 which has no extradition laws. His goal is to create an aryan race. He wants to create a world with no flying creatures. He believes that the flying ability is a genetic disorder which must be erradicated from all servers, essentially creating a "master race". This obsession was what brought what is known today as the great holocaust of patch 2.0.

The "Earthbinder", as he is commonly known, is said to have grown in strength. He is considered godlike rank now due to the many followers that share his ideology. He has been hard to locate as he travels in a submarine called U-66. This allows him to hide from authority and helps him look for the lost city Atlantis. This is a lost city that is allegedly the origin of the "master race".

As of today 8.2.16, reports say that earthbinder has been caught. This is breaking news!!! Peryton was caught trying to enter Elyria through the seaport via his submarine. The elven legionaries on duty found him disguised in the seaport and when asked for ID, peryton attempted to ambush the 2 elfs. Security was maximized in this city due to a fairy convention going on there, where over 20,000 fairies from all over the world are meeting up. Since this was a covert security boost, earthbinder did not expect it. What a happy day. His trial will be this week at the s13 arena. Stay tuned.

Edit: i had to start writing from scratch cause i accidentally pressed back on my mobile and all that i typed was deleted so had to start all over.

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Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 10:05am

Guys! Thank you so much for all stories :D As always I'm just amazed how many of you took a part in it!
Now I need to have some time to read all of them (alone or Dema will also join) and make decision :)
So please be patient!

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Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 10:45am

Thanks, and just remember how ur my fave dev reading mine :p

16 Judgement
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Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 10:47am

Ignore vengeance, he's just trying to persuade you with words.
I can persuade you with chocolate :P

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