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Thursday, December 10th 2015, 11:07am

Philosopher's Stone-Make gold, or transmute your resources!

Philosopher's Stone-Make gold, or transmute your resources!

This is a guide to the various currencies and items in the game, the ways to convert them into each other, and the efficiency of these
Recommended deals are green, these are either always or at least sometimes beneficial to you.
Inefficient, bad options that aren't too obvious are red. Yellow ones can be good or bad depending on your situation.
Trades resulting in crystal, and other obviously bad trades are not listed to save space. If you don't see it, don't do it!

Cards (playable)
Obtaining these are the ultimate goal of the game. Not much to say here.
Never sell, extract or otherwise convert a card you can and want to use for playing.
For cards you don't need any longer for playing, see "Card(garbage)" instead, regardless of how good or bad the card is.

They are used to level up buildings in your city, and to forge runes.
Level up your City Hall, Alchemy Lab and Blacksmith first, along with Battlement, but don't level Battlements over lv10-15.
Avoid leveling the Shipyard above level 4 unless everything else is maxed, it's not worth it.
When you no longer have a use for crystals after maxing out your buildings, you can convert them into silver.

24000 Crystal to ~8000 Silver at Shipyard (3 for 1, only after you no longer need crystal)

PVP Medals
PVP medals can only be spent on cards in the PVP shop. It's generally recommended to use a Fire Opal on the epic version of these cards instead of buying
multiple copies and combining them for legendary. You'll need to save those medals for the cards that cost 1500.
PVP medals are hard to get, so avoid spending them on cards you don't absolutely need, or can get in other ways.

Tower Coins
They can only be obtained by playing the Ascension Tower. They are the primary source of Fire Opals and Reputation Crests.
Any other uses should be avoided.

98 Tower Coins -> 1 Fire Opal
1 Tower Coin -> 10000 Reputation

Energy Fragments, Soul Fragments, etc
These can be used to fuse cards of 1-4 stars in the alchemy lab and are obtained by extracting cards mainly.
Fusing is not recommended unless you will use the card in question. You'll always need to use roughly 3 times more of these to fuse a card then what you can get by extracting the same card.
The cards available for fusing are generally easy to obtain and don't sell for a good price in the AH.
Some cards might be worth fusing while the server is new, though, like Righteous Judgement, Military Charge, etc.
For the future, all 3 types will be referenced as "Energy Fragments" to keep the guide simple.
It costs roughly 15-20 silver to obtain one of these when using the most efficient methods.

100 Energy Fragments -> 1 Epic Gem (Forbidden Zone)

This deal no longer appears after you reach 2000 points in the FZ. Due to this, no other deals should be taken before reaching that point!

Elixir of Life
A less common fusion material, similar to Energy Fragment. Extract 2 or 3 star cards to get these.

15 Elixir of Life -> 10000 Silver (Forbidden Zone)

Class Scrolls
These are difficult to obtain, but as fusing Epic cards is usually not worth it anyway, you don't need them much.
Save them for a possible Legendary Card fuse, but don't get your hopes up, they are extremely rare.
If you really need Armageddon or Swift Raid, better to buy them in the AH.

40 Class Scrolls, 100 Elixir of Life -> Swift Raid or Armageddon (fuse, ultra rare)

Common Cards (garbage)
Extracting these yields too few materials and selling them in the auctions is unlikely.
Combine 2 for daily combine activity, otherwise you can pretty much only extract them.

1x Common Card -> ~6x Energy Fragments

Good Cards (garbage)
these is the best deal for making Energy Fragments and Elixir of Life.
They are unlikely to sell in the AH except for a selected few.
When selling, always sell 10 when able to avoid major losses on the sale tax.

5x Good Card -> 1x Rare Card (Alchemy Lab Combining)
4x Good Card -> 1x Rare Card (Combining, maxed lab and research, 100%)
1x Good Card -> ~18x Energy Fragment, ~0.5x Elixir of Life
10x Good Card -> 95+ Rubies (Selling in the AH)

Rare Cards (garbage)
Only the best rare cards will sell in the AH. Sell them if you have no use for them, keep otherwise.
Even at the minimum price of 20, selling a rare card is a reasonable deal, in fact better than selling an epic for 50.
The returns are slightly worse when extracting compared to Good Cards, considering the amount of Good cards needed for a rare.
them into Epics is a roughly even trade with a minor loss, which is worth doing as long as you require more epics and fewer rares for consumption than what you usually find.

1x Rare Card -> 15-190 Rubies (Selling in the AH)
1x Rare Card -> 1500 Silver (Consume when using a Pink Diamond)
Rare Cards -> 1x Epic Card (Combining. Only do this if you have more
rares then needed to use all your pink diamonds. Requires very high
level lab and guild research.)

1x Rare Card -> ~80 Energy Fragment, ~2 Elixir of Life

Epic Cards (garbage)
Epic cards at the minimum price is an acceptable deal with minimal profit. In case of Elite cards however, a selling price of ~60 is necessary to not lose on it.
The rubies are to be invested into Rare Gems, which can be converted into Gold Directly.
As an Epic card is worth 1/20th of a Legendary when consuming but can be made from less, combining Epics into Legendary is worth it if you have a 100% chance of success with 17 or fewer, however, only if you own a Fire Ruby to consume the resulting Legendary card.

1x Epic Card -> 45+ Rubies (Selling in the AH for a non-minimum price)
1x Epic Card -> 11000 Silver (nonelite), 13500 Silver (elite) (Consuming when using a Fire Opal)
1x Epic Card -> 1x Class Scroll, ~400 Energy Fragments (Extracting)
15x Epic Card -> 1x Legendary Card (Combining, max possible chance)

Legendary Cards (garbage)
Selling these for rubies is a bad deal unless you can get a pretty high price.
Extracting them for class scrolls is usually not worth it, with the exception of needing only 1-2 extraction worth of scrolls to fuse a valuable card (Armageddon, Swift Raid only!)
They can be consumed for a significant amount of silver when enhancing through a Fire Ruby.
Consuming Legendary Cards is always superior to using Silver, even if the card is non-Elite, due to the presence of the (100,000 Silver->120 Gold, 200 Gold-> Legendary Card in AH trading chain.)

1x Legendary Card -> 200000 (non-elite) 260000 (elite) Silver (Enhance with Fire Ruby)
1x Legendary Card -> ~16-20 Class Scrolls
22x Legendary Card -> 1x Godlike Card (Combining)
1x Legendary Card -> 700+ Rubies (Sell in AH with a high enough starting price)

Godlike Cards (garbage)
You can consume them when enhancing a card to awakened.
Other than that, these have no use whatsoever other than filling up your expedition deck.
The minimum price in the AH is too high to sell them.
Godlike cards are too rare to obtain them accidentally, so don't worry about it. (Don't combine crap legendary cards!)
As someone posted below, godlike cards can only be consumed for 200k silver when enhancing an awakened, so don't do it, use legendary instead.

1x Godlike Card -> ? Rubies (Selling in AH.)

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Thursday, December 10th 2015, 11:08am

Good Gems
Used to upgrade equipment at low levels. Once your equipment is past that level, exchange them for gold.

30x Good Gems -> 20 Gold (Forbidden Zone)
60x Good Gems -> 10000 Silver (Forbidden Zone)

Rare Gems
Used to upgrade equipment at low levels. Once your equipment is past that level, exchange them for gold.

10x Rare Gems -> 30 Gold (Forbidden Zone)
20x Rare Gems -> 10000 Silver (Forbidden Zone)

Epic Gems
Used to upgrade equipment.

5x Epic Gems -> 80 Gold (Forbidden Zone)

Legendary Gems
Used to upgrade equipment.

1x Legendary Gems -> 100 Gold (Forbidden Zone)

Conversion Points
You gain these by using the Forbidden Zone.
They reset between events, so you have to accumulate the required amount in one go.
The best deal is the Legendary Gem which costs 1000 points to buy, but converting it to Gold returns 100 of the points.
The other options (card boxes, class scrolls) are not worth it.

20000 Points -> Legendary Weapon
1000 Points -> Legendary Gem
900 Points -> 100 Gold (Through Legendary Gem)

Silver is one of the primary currencies in the game, used mainly for obtaining cards.
Enhancing through Pink Diamond, Fire Opal, Fire Ruby and Awakened Shards all cost Silver.
By buying packs, Silver is converted into cards. Novice packs have the best return.
Unless the card you specifically need is Common or Good rarity, buying packs for silver is NOT RECOMMENDED.
Even then, buying the card for 10g in the auction house can be better if the pack contains too many different kinds of cards.
The only case when buying packs is a good deal is when you start the game and need them for gaining reputation, or when a Booster Bonanza event
with a powerful and hard to get card is available.

1000 Silver to Garbage Cards (Novice Pack)
5000+ Silver to Garbage Cards (All other packs)
10000 Silver -> 200 CP+Quest (Tuesday to Friday, up to 700 total CP)
100 Silver -> 1 CP+Quest (All other days)

Gold is the other primary currency in the game. It can be spent on a whole lot of things, and the vast majority of these are bad deals. Buying packs for gold is never ever worth it, it's like a lottery ticket.

Exceptions are the Prevent Downgrade option in the Blacksmith which is necessary to use after +10 and :

Gold -> Playable Cards (Auction House)
Gold -> Legendary Gems, Black Friday Sale ONLY!
Gold -> ~100 Tower Coins. (By resetting the ascension tower.
Assuming you CAN reach floor 50 all the time and have average luck with
picks. Only worth it early in the season when the cards obtained by the
Fire Opal bought helps winning major PVP rewards.)

Gold -> League Ticket (only way to earn PVP medals outside of PVP
rewards and events, but buying the cards for gold in auctions is

200 Gold -> Legendary Elite Garbage Cards (For consuming with Fire Ruby only!)

Rubies are a special currency not present in some other versions of the game.
You receive it instead of the gold buyers spend when you sell a card in the Auction House.

As such, selling in the auction house is less beneficial than in those other versions.
You can convert it into gold through the Forbidden Zone event, by buying Gems and exchanging them.
Buying packs for rubies is usually not worth it.
Althoughsome packs (Brave Pack) have a high enough rate of giving useful cards, these cards flood the auction house and most can be bought cheap that
Through the optimal conversion (Rare Gems), 1 Ruby can be
converted into 0.327 gold if taking into account the FZ points received.

334 Rubies -> Legendary Gem (For equiment upgrades, Item Shop, wait for a Sale!)
100 Rubies -> 10x Rare Gem -> 30 Gold, 40 points(Item Shop, Forbidden Zone)
12 Rubies -> Novice Pack, Class Scroll, Tower Ticket (by raising your activity from 75 to 90 once a day)

CP aka Contribution Points are earned through guild events and donations. They can only be used for leveling guild research.

CP -> Alchemy
CP -> Forge

Special thanks to Junko for posting this!
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