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Saturday, December 26th 2015, 9:16am

Theme Decks

Tired of the 'meta'? Finding it boring to grind just by throwing ever OP card you can get your grubby hands on to make a deck? Hate it when the right power card doesn't show up to win the game for you? Maybe you aren't thinking enough when making a deck, 50% of whether you win or lose is how you make your deck.

For those that don't know me, I'm a self proclaimed Beast Queen of S5. I don't run meta, except on certain bosses, even then I'm always searching for new ways to do it better.

So why should you think on a theme? Well we just got a great example, Fairies. See if you analyze a good fairy deck you'll notice something, almost no draw is a bad draw, because each card works with whatever you already have. They kinda forced the theme down our throats but it doesn't make the lesson any less wrong, themes can be ridiculous and consistent in their play.

The obvious themes are race themes. Though for Dragon you need two awakened to get them buffs, however they have the obvious alternate strategy too. Humans are easiest as long as you picked up Arainwen. Elves has some of the weakest buffs, but nice key characters and if their worrying about your buffs, those keys can lock them down. Undead with their buffs, especially skeletons quickly become near impossible to kill. I prefer Beasts because their buffs are pretty tanky, especially if you get an Awakened Crowned Nid.

Then there is the damage type-theme. Thanks to the Dragons we have several pretty tanky elites that buff an element type. This is a little dangerous because of Velyn if you don't have a couple good physical in the deck but like most good players you learn to just ignore him like sanctuary since he doesn't really do much damage beyond killing elementals heading down that lane.

Lastly there is Style-themes. Derp rush is the most well known, keeping your Cooldowns below 3 or so, but again this is simply the OP concept with a slight limitation. Lately, distraction decks have been getting popular(though Fairies for now will kill that), but there is SO MANY POTIENTAL style themes that I've almost never seen tried it's just sad. Take for instance Ranger Sniper deck. It's a deck of mostly archers, Rinwen, High Ground and Shu if you can get him. Basically you just shread anything vulnerable... like that Wheel hiding back there. You can even put in weird archers like Skystone Nid(a more survivable Pan especially with additional range).

Or maybe a Ranger Assault/Betrayer's Gate combo, you don't even have to get to their side just beat on those overly big fairies to kill them.

For a while I ran a fun Warrior/Command: Martyr/Last Stand theme. Put some Thickhead Trolls(best martyrs evar, 1+ turns of invincibility for anything they are adjacent to) magic resistant stuff, Praetorian Lael, Judge Aleks, High Lady Kuri, Power Angels, ext. and watch as things get ridiculous fast...

And guess what, you're no longer bored and people can't easily counter what they don't see coming.

Don't ask me, I don't even know why I'm still here.
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Saturday, December 26th 2015, 10:43am

"learn to ignore sanctuary" lol people like that are the ones that give me free wins. A sanc'd up Sensei or Virtuous Champion will crush everything.

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