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[Criticism] DUMB cards

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Thursday, June 27th 2019, 7:39pm

DUMB cards

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do they never learn that op cards just break the game?
these are ridiculous. we have nerdy on steroids and the this stupid buff card. with wheel and spear saint combo, tanja is just broken.

i like how lust is way too op but this isnt. please dont release these.
Bring back iArches...
Demadrend is useless...
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Thursday, June 27th 2019, 7:48pm

100% agree

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Thursday, June 27th 2019, 9:30pm

Well...bad news for you then....most of the cards in the pipeline are only going to get worse.
All of these cards came out on the other servers before hitting KaL with text translations and otherwise no other changes. (Which, in the KaL devs' defence, makes sense, because they seemingly can't afford to actually hire a team of people to make cards.)

edit: I still find it kind of amusing that the French/German forums had patch notes for the next month up since 2 - 3 days ago, but people on the English forum had to find out by looking into the guide for translated new cards...

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Thursday, June 27th 2019, 10:16pm

To give people an idea of how far this goes:

Tanja was released on the Chinese servers on April 16th. ( (Link is safe, but it's in Chinese, so use google translate if you can't read it. Also the Chinese servers don't bother with card images in their updates, so basically you "have" to know Chinese in the first place to recognize each of the abilities match up 1 to 1.) Becca should have been before that or within 1 - 2 weeks afaik.

These are the three most recent cards that were released (I'm not going to do manual translations because translations are finnicky, especially with Chinese takes on otherwise English names). The Chinese servers do weekly patch notes when it comes to card releases - basically they have cards "premade" months in advance and just roll them out like a production line.
Also I don't remember all the ability names so I'll probably butcher them.

June 11th (艾草公主):
Epic (3 turns/1 atk/8 hp) // Godlike (4 turns/3 atk/18 hp)
Auto Sanctuary: Gains Sanctuary for 2 turns when summoned, reflects all damage. Becomes 3 turns at Godlike.
Survive: 50% chance of reviving when killed. at Godlike-> Samsara: Revives once if killed.
Thunderbolt 5 (becomes Thunderbolt 11 at Godlike): Deals 5/11 damage to one enemy or hero per turn.

June 18th (魔法老师娜玖):
Leg (5 turns/1 atk/12 hp) // Godlike (5 turns/1 atk/16 hp)

Silver Storm: Attack hits all enemies and heroes, cannot be reduced, knocks enemies back 2 cells.
Shield Ward: Cannot be affected by neative status effects
"Apocalypse Magic": Deals 10x damage to any creature with 4 or less CD -> At Godlike this upgrades to 20x.
Self Haste: When the summoner has 1 or more cards on the field, this card's CD decreases by 4 each turn (basically he's a 1/1/16 card with a 5/1/16 card whenever a card is on the field, so he basically can't be hit with deadly blow)
Also at Godlike he gains [Conduction]: All enemies -1 movement, All allies +1 movement

June 25th (古堡依琳):

Leg (4 turns/3 atk/15 hp) // Godlike (4 turns/5 atk/18 hp)

"Flash Explosion": Range +3, Attacks all enemies and heroes in a Cross shape, has a 25% chance of making all enemies damaged unable to act for 1 turn
Return Damage?: When attacked, deals 3 irreducible damage to the enemy
Grade Reduction: All cards summoned by the enemy (after this card hits the field) are reduced by 1 rank. (Godlike -> Leg, Leg -> Epic, etc.)
Together We Fight: For every ally on the field, this card gains +1 atk/+3 hp, becomes +2 atk/+3 hp at Godlike
Healing Prayer: Heals all allies for 99 hp when entering the field.

Now, RoM never implemented all of the cards that where added with each patch (they took patches wholesale from the Chinese servers, hence why people could track projected card implementation pretty effectively), and KaL doesn't either (KaL took it a step further by randomizing some of the cards in terms of the order they appeared in), but basically you could go back week by week and see all of the funny (ridiculous) ideas that get added in.

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Thursday, June 27th 2019, 10:32pm

Gamigo is just the publisher of Kings and Legends and not the Developer, thats why they are releasing Cards from the same pool as the JP/CN version and RoM (hosted by Gamefuse/Changyou), as they are all made by the same Developer (Fire Elemental Shenzhen). Some cards were first published in Kings and Legends before they went into JP/CN/RoM. Also some cards have multiple different versions with small varities in it, like Quinn. In JP and KaL its an ice version while in RoM and CN its fire based.

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