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Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 12:05pm

Open Letter: August 2018

Hello Heroes,

It’s been an interesting few months since my last letter, with a couple of major changes implemented.
For the better?
For the worse?

Major Events since last Open Letter:
27.03: Synthesis Cards Tier 4
17.04: EN Server merge, the big PvP Score Reset
24.04: Master Skills Pack V
08.05: Pan card removed from game
29.05: DE Server Merge + Cross
29.05: Pantheon Pack added cards: Demeter & Arakhi Nyteweave (4★/5★)
29.05: Braves Pack added cards: Bewitching Tabitha & Benevolent Melande (4★/5★)
26.06: FR Server Merge, wrongful Cross with s6
26.06: 11th Hour Towahli nerfed
26.06: Recharge Pack 1 added cards: Madame Madaline & Ranger Lileath (4★/5★)
26.06: Recharge Pack 2 added cards: Zara Stormrage & Siren Lydia (5★/6★)
24.07: Braves Pack added cards: Raven & Steiner (4★/5★)
24.07: Festival Pack 2 added cards: Lily Hemlock & Ella ‘Wingclipper’ (5★/6★)

WOW! What a few months it’s been with some huge changes made to the game. I had a Team Meeting with the Moderators and GM’s and we had the following topics to discuss, I will make some notes below on these:

1. New Discord
Our old Discord is moving, we will have a completely new Channel, link to be shared soon, so the literal Dozens of you can use it!

2. New Player ‘Code of Conduct
I have been slowly working on an update Game Rules, colloquially known as a Code Of Conduct.The purpose of such a document is to clarify what is permissible with the use of ‘Twinks’ or alternate Characters, as well as ‘Family Accounts’ and other scenarios.

3. Team-Meetings
Thankfully we’ve been holding these pretty regularly and I hope my German is improving. The Fruits of these talks have definitely helped push forward some projects like the Towahli Nerf and ensure a vetting of certain cards before addition to Promotions.

4. Mod-Team, Retiree’s & sharing of Personal/Private Information
Unfortunately, we had a nasty episode recently involving the publication of volunteer Moderator/GM’s information such as Ingame Private Character names and potentially more; such as email addresses or real names.What makes this episode even worse however, is that it was perpetrated by former members of the Volunteer Team.The reasons for their departure prior to this event are irrelevant...what happened was a petty, vindictive ‘score-settling’ and only proves to me that their departure from the Team was the correct move.
It is sad that it must be re-stated but here it is again:

Doing so is very likely to result in the permanent ban of your entire Gamigo Account.

5. Website-Update
I would like to hand a creative control over to my wonderful Moderator/GM Teams and ask them to prepare partial or full News postings to go directly on the Kings and Legends homepage (as well as Forum and/or Facebook). Getting some dust of the website and showing some engagement is well overdue!

6. ClassesI spoke last letter about the monopoly of Rangers...unfortunately this persists alongside Mages.
As of 1/7/2018, the Classes of the Top100 Ranking characters were tiered as:

Rangers accounted for 39%
Mages scored 2nd with 35%
Priests half as much on 20%
Warriors had a measly 5.5%

Certainly it’s a shame to see one class so widely under-represented. These numbers will be shown to GameDevs to ask if there is something that can be looked at, but I think it’s a *Big Ask*.

7.Merges & Crosses
I know there have been cries from MG13 to be part of the mega MG1 cluster, it’s on my agenda. The reason it’s been taking a while is because we have 3 Versions and I was making the Merges sequentially through each….EN, then DE, then, just a little while longer to wait!

8. Towahli Compensation
After discussing with the Moderator-Teams and being forwarded the player feedback and forum threads, I decided to add a Fire Ruby for the Godlike versions of these cards as recognition of the huge Enhancing costs involved in staging up the cards.

9. Events

World Cup ‘bet’ Event
Ashamedly I only posted the Knockout and Bonus forms late, sorry about that. Points are still being counted and I want to have all finished early next week. Chests will be changed to whatever the current 'Recharge/Consume' event is running.

Game Of The Week / X-Promo
The event is wrapped up. The Points table will be published on the forum in the Events section, where you can check your Points Total and then please private message one of the Moderator Team with your Ingame Name and Server for the prizes to be redeemed on.

If you would like to redeem your Rewards to another game, please go the website of the game:
Fiesta Online
Loong Dragonblood
Last Chaos
Dragon’s Prophet: Savage Hunt

...and enter the requested information.

Corpus Christi
a small event that I hope was enjoyed and many of you managed to snag some Opal Frags amongst other goodies.

Summer Events
we got some questions on the forum if there will be one and I can confirm we will run some kind of Summer Event.The Format & potential Prizes have not been if you’ve heard that ‘Item X’ or ‘Armour Y’ will be definitely available, please disregard it...nothing is confirmed!

Tower Race (FR)
A small event run in the FR version of the game, had players racing up the Ascension Tower from Level 1 to 50 as fast as they could...with prizes being earned depending on how long it took them!

The best player took less than 50mins and walked away with some Opal Frags amongst other prizes!

10. Bugs Resolved

Click here for further information
- Glitzy ability not activating: Radiant Eleni
- Stop Annoying Me not activating: Mortarch Obsidian
- Fierce Matilda moves but does not activate
- Larentia Trapsetter applying ‘Sortie’ status twice to self
- Pegasus / Plunge abilities clarified
- Master Skills V pack droptable settings fixed
- Smoky Haze status effect set as +ve Buff rather than -ve Debuff
- Shocking Furora’s combo of Storm Ball and Lightning Strike was immensely powerful when played Left -> Right. This has now been amended so the abilities behave the same when played on both sides
- Creatures could remain in play on 0 Life due to a bug involving 2x Wither statuses and Lifewarder Rhialla’s ‘Not Today’ status.

All the best,^Demadrend
:D Demadrend :D
Product Manager
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