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These Heaux


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Wednesday, December 6th 2017, 2:53am

specific question regards to naragoths 4x1 attack

Are there certain creatures or certain amount of creatures needed to be infront of the hero to prevent naragoths attack from spilling over and hitting the enemy hero?

Like if magic deflection card infront, will it prevent his attack from hitting hero?

Idk if this is specific enough. but I have noticed sometimes his 4x1 attack isnt hitting the hero and other times it is.

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Wednesday, December 6th 2017, 3:08am

really depends on what lane he is in if he is in enemy hero lane then no cards like ds doesnt stop the hit on hero but if he is in bottom lane (using 1s as an example) then he cant hit hero

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Wednesday, December 6th 2017, 4:53am

As far my experience goes from tower levels, there are two types of creatures with AOE abilities:
1. Attacks target creature, as well as all enemy creatures and heroes behind in a X x 1 area Eg. Nagaroth and Dragons : Here, in order to hit the enemy hero:
a. The dragon and hero can be in same line. If so, The breath will hit the hero even if there are magic immunity/reflect present. Can only be blocked by forestall.
b. The dragon and hero can be in different lines. If so, The breath will hit the creature in front of it, as well as all creatures behind it. BUT, it will hit the hero IF AND ONLY IF no other creatures are present in the lane. Presence of any creatures in that lane, magic immunity or otherwise will protect the hero.

2. Attacks all enemy creatures and heroes in a X x Y area Eg. Ryli, NEMESIS angels, hydra: Here, The attack will hit the enemy hero regardless of the hero's lane unless forestalled.

Hope I could help. correct me if I am wrong.

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Wednesday, December 6th 2017, 5:02am

Case 1:
- Hero on the same line like naga:
-> Hero gets always damage if he is within 4x1 area,

Case 2:
- no Hero on the same line* and no creatures between hero and nagaroth:
-> the next hero above Nagaroth-lane gets damage, if there is no other hero above, then the next hero below gets damage.

Case 3:
- no Hero on the same line* and opponents creatures between hero and nagaroth:
-> no damage is dealt to any hero except there are specific effects of another creature in play.

Case 4:
- Hero on the same line like naga and a magic reflector between Hero and naga:
-> like Case 1 - there is no change to the fact it does damage to the hero, even if it dies in that turn.

*no hero on the same line:
- 1v1 bottom lane
- 2v2 middle lane
- any dead hero
- single boss l2-4
- other bosses like they are placed ("bigger boss image means the first line counts, like Sanguine Tribe p2: boss in l1 and l2)

Hopefully this describes how area damage is counting :)

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