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Samstag, 27. Mai 2017, 22:32

Enhancing Sacrifice Issues

Seeing as though how the new 31-day Login Event's highlights include GL cards, perhaps you guys can fix the way they are used when sacrificing in enhancing, or explain why they are used the way they are. To elaborate...

When enhancing to a Legendary card, you can use epic cards as sacrifices to bring down the total final cost of enhancing. When enhancing a skill to legendary, each epic skill reduces the price by 11,000. With an elite creature as a sacrifice ( for a creature card enhance), the price goes down by about 14,000 silver. Buying an epic from Rep Shop cost 18,000, so when using epic as a sacrifice, about 77% of the Silver's worth is preserved (14,000/18,000).

The rates are also very similar for when using legendary cards as a sacrifice. Each elite legendary card goes for 320,000 silver on Rep Shop. When using as a sacrifice, it reduces the price by 260,000, preserving 78% of its value. Really close, not perfect, but can't complain. Maybe the rates are supposed to increase the greater the sacrifice gets.

Now here comes the troublesome part. When enhancing non-elite Godlike cards to Awakened, you have the option of using Godlike cards as sacrifice, but the silver they deduct the cost by is screwed. Of course, you can't buy Godlike cards from Rep Shop, so you don't really know how much they should reduce the price by, but they definitely should not be ZERO. Especially since when elite legendary is -260,000 elite godlike should not be -0. When using non elite Godlike cars as sacrifice, it goes down by 260,000, same as an elite legendary. What the hell are these conversations worth for. With that logic, are Elite Legendaries = Non-Elite Godlikes?

I personally as a VIP 0, often enhance non-elite godlike cards to awaken, and it's great that I could use other GL cards as sacrifice, especially since I get a few from the login event. But to see that they barely bring down the price, if not at all, really saddens me.

What else are the GL cards supposed to be used for now? In decks, for which all of them aren't really that great, or as Synth Material, for which requires another GL card.

Please fix the rate at which the godlike cards are used as sacrifice for. My personal recommendation is GL elite bring down by 1,500,000 silver, and non-elite by 1,000,000. But I guess if there is a specific math formula KAL follows, please go by that, but I don't know why the conclusion results in 0 silver for elite godlike cards. ?(

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Samstag, 27. Mai 2017, 22:34

i dont think its a bug as its like this on Rise of Mythos too

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