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Saturday, May 13th 2017, 10:43pm

The Opal Wars / 1

The opal wars is a multi segment story of the black opal wars, each opal wars thread will be numbered, in the order that they are written.


The land of Elyria, was once a peaceful place until the power of Black opals was discovered, Elite creatures realizing the power of the Black opals begin to fight amongst themselves to gain control of 99 Opal shards, so that they could reach the stage of Awakening. As the creatures of kal begin to obtain power, nature itself found a way to correct the balance of power. The laws of nature changed in the land of Elyria and at any given time only 99 Black Opal shards could exist in the land at one time.

Nature correcting itself may of stopped the pointless slaughter of creatures in the streets, but it changed the nature of the creatures themselves, to become organized, cruel, manipulative, and cunning which brought about a new style of war. Once the creatures would swear loyalty to a summoner and fight in friendly competitions of thirty card decks, but without a summoner to follow in these wars They followed a fellow creature and took to the fields seeking blood and power.

The land was divided into nations, to understand how the wars unfolded, one must understand the state of things in Elyria.

In the Center of the land stood the Graveyard, it was ruled by the undead nation, when a creature of Elyria would be sent to the graveyard in the past, the creatures of the undead faction would meet them at one of the portals in the Graveyard and directed them back to their nation. The Ogre mountains encircled the Graveyard, with passes that led to each of the nations. The Ogres where savage and hated the undead nation, keeping them in check, the balance was natural.

The Halfblood nation stood to the NorthEast, The halfblood's woods stood between the ogre mountains, and their city. The human nation stood in the Northwest, known for the large lake that stood between them and the halfblood nation to the east. The elves made their homeland in the southwest, where their trade route with the humans was direct and secure. The Beast roamed the planes to the Southeast, free and fierce.


- The year is 2 A.O (After Opal, the existence of black opals) Time in Elyria is measured in Shards/Fragments/(year, A.O)
15 shards - 1 Fragment / 12 Fragments - Year (A.O) One shard is approx 48 human hours

- Essence in Elyria, normally gives creatures infinite respawns when sent to the graveyard, however the essence in Elyria has been dwindeling steadily, Essence is normally released into the land when summoners do battle in the arena, with the dwindling of summoners in Elyria, creatures have lost the ability to infinitely respawn, and creatures ability to respawn is limited.

- Unawakenable - A negative slur for creatures that can't be awakened, The leader of the Unawakenables, took the slur as their faction name as well

Halfblood Nation - 2 A.O/2 shards/1 Fragment

The Night Sky was Starless above the Halfblood Nation, A clanging sound rattled through the night as a door opened to the central chamber of a meeting being held in the back of a Shady tavern.

Three factions fought for power in the halfblood nation, The Bladesouls, led by Callista consisted primarily of blade wielding rabbits. Skyreaver Vera led the Tengu faction, While Silvermane led the wolves. The three godlike elites sat around a table bickering about the state of the nation, each faction held three black opal shards, each desiring to become awakened, the tension in the air was deadly.

The door burst open, Callista rushed the door.

Callista: You traitor!!

A Hammer smacked Callista in the face and knocked her back. Mynx jumped through the doorway, followed by her half-sister Zeeva Stonebreaker.

Mynx: Calm down little Calli, don't forget that i use to lead the Bladesoul's.

Callista: That was before you traded your blade for a hammer, you have no right to call yourself a Bladesoul!!

Mynx: Well then its a good thing i dont. You know its not cute to love the sight of bloodshed so much Calli, you should really get some help. Either way it doesn't matter i am not here today to spank little Calli, I have more pressing concerns. While you three fight like children in the halfblood nation over opal shards that mean nothing unless you obtain all 99, creatures from other nations are vanishing. They are being sent to the graveyard and not returning.

Silvermane: What does that have to do with us?

Mynx: Halfbloods are the only nation that creatures are not vanishing from. This makes The Halfblood Nation, the prime suspect, with other nations catching on it would benifet all three of you to figure this out, Yet i know you wont work together for fear of being backstabbed for your precious little opal shards!

Vera: As if we would consider the words of an Unwakenable.

Zeeva Stonebreaker, launched her pickaxe across the room, the pickaxe embedded in the wall next to Skyreavers head.

Zeeva: Hold your tongue

--- Two Shards Later---

Mynx and Zeeva make their was through the forest, when they hear talking nearby.

?????: We should make our way west, quickly we must find him

Mynx and Zeeva approach the voices, hiding behind a bush. Zeeva peaks over the bush, and spots a few Centaurs.

Zeeva whispers: A Guerilla leader, and two riders, we cant confront from them head on, with his knockback, neither of us will get close enough if this turns into a battle.

Mynx was unaware of the hands reaching towards her, and she was snatched up, letting out a shriek. Zeeva jumped to her feet prepared for battle, she dashed through the foliage only to see Mynx yelling at a centaur.

Mynx: You Bonehead!!

Centaur Guerilla leader came rushing into the clearing prepared to strike, when he was ordered to stand down.

Lucius: Halt Guerilla, you will never win the heart of a fair maiden such as this if you are so aggresive!!

Mynx Punched Lucius, twitching in anger.

Mynx: Who are you tell people not to be aggresive, when you basically tried to kidnap me!!!

Lucius sulks, drawing circles in the dirt with his bow, an aura of depression rising from him.

Lucius: But Mynxy i was trying to get your attention, you are so quick to judge a centaur...

Lucius jumps up, his personality completely turned around, he strikes a pose.

Lucius: But fear not my fair maiden for i always got your back.

Zeeva Stonebreaker looks on at this scene, her eyes dead. Zeeva grabs Mynx and whispers with her for a minute. Zeeva stands in front of Mynx and begins pointing at the Centaurs, First Guerilla Leader and then Lucius she labels them.

Zeeva: Bonehead, and Pervert!! My Sister called the wrong one Bonehead.

Guerilla Leader yells : Is that a sister complex? What is going on Lucius?

Lucius'es demeanor switches to a more serious manner....

Lucius: Mynx and i go way back, these are not our enemys. When there where but a handful of halfbloods in Elyria we use to fight side by side. So where are you headed Mynx?

Mynx: We make our way to the graveyard, We have allys in the Ogre Mountains, We need to figure out why creatures are no longer returning from the graveyard, but this pointless opal war has everyone distracted.

Lucius: Then i shall accompany you, i was taking Centaur Leader and a couple riders to the Halfblood Shrine in the graveyard, They wish to become awakened, but they must pass the trials.

Zeeva clings to Mynx tighter.

Zeeva: No thanks, we would be better off being able to sleep without having to worry about being assaulted

Mynx burst out laughing...she speaks between breaths

Mynx: Its..fine really. We could use the power if we find ourselves in battle.

The party of two became six, and they began to make their way towards the Ogre mountains. Discovering the truth behind the disappearances was their goal, but not the only problem they would have to face in the midst of The Opal Wars....
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