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Tuesday, May 9th 2017, 8:22am

Dawning of a new idol !!

Mynx hammershock stands on center stage as the crowd cheers

Crowd: MYNX!!! MYNX!!! MYNX!!!

Mynx: Alright everybody, calm down.... As you all know i am a career announcer, but recently i picked up a second career as a Talent scout. Tonite i Called this concert, Dawning of an Idol , to present to you a lovely talented young women. Not only is she loved, She is thick skinned, and fierce, i proudly present to you all the LOVELY SHARGASE!!!!!

The stage erupts in a cloud of smoke, and as it slowly clears, Shargase stands center stage, in her signature black dress with white trimming. Her hair in pigtails, tied back with little ogre shaped ties.

Shargase: Hello everybody, thank you all for coming out to my debut, i will be singing two songs tonite. I hope that you enjoy, my first song, "Ogre Girl".

Shargase, takes in a breath and begins to sing...

"This song is about all the ogres that thought they could court me.
Lets start with our friend Ogre hercules,"

"He likes to brag about being hercules
I just laughed and said, you got weak knees,
There is no way you could ever please me"

"Its hard to be an ogre girl, in an ogre world!!"

"Krusha thought that he could have me, by showing off his larger hammer,
I am sorry to say that its too late, we all know that your trying to compensate"

"Then you have Ogre ringleader, always bragging about how he can heal,
When the truth is his advances give me chills,
Its not the heel that i want you to do, so stop your advances, before i Spew
Its time for you to find another bone to chew"

"Its hard to be an ogre girl, in an ogre world!!"

"Then you have the normal ogres, they havent even earned a title to their name
The only thing worse then that are thier pick up lines, man are they so lame,
I wish i could find an ogre, with a half a brain"

"Smasha rulk loves to boust, about his acheivements the most,
He's so conceeded, how could he ever understand, the fragile heart of a women,
i dont think he will ever be a man."

"Its hard to be an ogre girl, in an ogre world!!"

Shargas'es voice trails off as she comes to a close on her first song

Smoke fills the stage once again, as it clears, shargase stands in a new outfit, A dark red dress with light blue trimming, her hair hanging wildly no longer in pigtails. Shargase shouts

Shargase: Time for song two!!!!! Just a Troll!!

A rock n roll beat picks up in the background, this song no where as soft as her first song

" You walk around all day with a stuck up nose,
While other players wish you would be deadly blowed!!"

" You keep spouting your spit
It will never land a critical hit!!"

" I may be an ogre, yet your nothing but a Troll!!! "

"You build your bridge out of your own insecuritys
In your mind your winning over society"

"It doesnt matter what you percieve,
Because nobody else will ever Believe"

" I may be an ogre, yet your nothing but a Troll"

" You set the stakes and you set them high,
We all wish that your final words would be bye!!"

" Your spit is getting old, and it's about time that you pay the toll.
So turn around, an prepare to hit the road!!"

" I may be an ogre, yet your nothing but a Troll"

" You believe you can say whatever you please,
You should ask for forgiveness now get on you knees"

" Its only a matter of time before you are banned,
forever forsaken from our land"

" I may be an ogre, yet your nothing but a Troll"

The music stops, and Shargase curtsy's

Shargase: Thank you all for coming out, It was a pleasure!!

The stage erupts, and Epic Shargase cards rain down upon the crowd, from amongst the chaos, shargase vanishes and Mynx appears back on stage

Mynx Hammershock: Thank you all for coming out to Shargase's debut, enjoy the epic Shargase cards, and have a safe trip home all!!!
:panda: Anyufairchild
server 8/Fenris

Will Buy Shargase epic - 50 gold- need 13

Will buy overseer epic - 50 gold- need 7

Saurus war boys - depends on rank

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