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Tuesday, December 22nd 2015, 11:01am

Patch 2.0 - Stables, Synthesize and much more!


After 3 years to the exact day of commercial launch of Kings and Legends!
Another Christmas gift for you...
Patch 2.0 is here!
A lot of new and amazing stuff are right now available for you all! Tons of shiny things, pretty looking cards and sweet sweet additions for your beloved mounts. Don't waste your time and check our 2.0 patch notes now!

1. New Building: Stable
The 'Mount' tab from hero Inventory has been moved to the Stable.

The Stable is where your mounts are cared for, fed and watered.
In addition, the Stable leatherworkers are standing by to craft for you powerful new Saddles!

Saddles are very useful pieces of equipment you can ride into battle on and apply a huge range of effects.
- Enourage, Heal, Inspire and buff your troops
- Debuff the enemy, mire them with reduced movement, lower their attack or HP or set fire to enemy Heroes
- Summon extra units directly onto the battlefield

Saddles are crafted randomly....who knows which one the Stablehands will create. All a Saddle needs to be created is a few crafting ingredients and abit of time.
The better quality of the Saddle, the longer it will take to manufacture, but players at VIP3+ can choose to 'Insta-Complete'.

Saddles have a variety of Levels and Ranks.
- The higher the Saddle level, the better the chance of its unique ability triggering.
- The higher the Saddle rank, the better the ability is (higher ATK, heal no., summon higher rank units) and the higher the max. potential of the Saddle level
(i.e. a Rare Singed Saddle at full level has a max. 76% of dealing 2 Fire damage to a random enemy unit/hero. A Godlike Singed Saddle atfull level has a 100% chance to deal 2 fire damage (each turn))

Saddle Levels can be upgraded in the Stable
Saddles can be combined in the Blacksmith like other equipment to create better ranks.

Here you can find full guide about new Saddles - Saddles Galore!

2. Synthesize / Hybrid cards
The rumours are true! A host of new cards will be available through the strange and powerful new Synthesis function in the Alchemy Lab.

Combine cards from different races to create the new Hybrid cards. Join a Human Soldier to an Angelic Spirit to create a Holy Warrior, or mix the ferocity of an Ogre with the chaos of a Demon to produce the vicious Orogs!

6 combined classes:

Human/Angel - Paragon

Elf/Angel - Aetherial

Ogre/Demon - Barbarian

Undead/Demon - Poltergeist

Beast/Dragon - Abomination

Goblin/Dragon - Hobgoblin

Each has 4 cards (3 non-elite, 1 elite)

3. Incarnate Expansion
The Incarnates continue to arrive with the 3rd and 4th additions to the Elven faction:
  • Elven Sword Dancers: Slash enemies across a large front and counter or interrupt your enemy attacks.
  • Elven Druids: Use their natural magic to reduce cooldown of your cards
Incarnates will be available through the World Boss event

4. Angels Awaken!
The first set of Celestial cards will be Awakened, gaining new abilities and new stats. Don't miss 'em!

5. Find the Awakened Boss!
For those lucky adventurers on their daily Boss grind, they have the chance to stumble upon high-powered bosses on the Second Stage.
These bosses will employ Awakened cards and can also drop better loot, such as Fire Opals!

6. New Demon Master's Pack:
Soon, a new edition of this Pack will be released with access to new cards. More info. to be released later!

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