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Monday, May 16th 2016, 12:32am

classes/ class cards

If newer to the game you may not realize

-each class has its own advantages, and with that comes class specific cards that can be found in guide

for example - mages (only doing this because i have always played mage, not a voice for other classes)

Djinn- recycles a spell every turn it attacks - useful in 2/4 i dont recommend it for ones, it slows you down too much, i think people get too caught up on class cards, and it can be what cost you many games - having spell recycle is pointless if you cant stay alive to use the spells

sphynx (however you spell it) makes opponent forget ability on turn its summoned (roxia does same thing for 2 cd, skill dont go off on summoned turn)

I would love for people that play other classes to fill in more, to help the newer players

:panda: Anyufairchild
server 8/Fenris

Will Buy Shargase epic - 50 gold- need 13

Will buy overseer epic - 50 gold- need 7

Saurus war boys - depends on rank
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Monday, May 16th 2016, 12:45am

Priest here:

Priests have pretty bad luck when it comes to class creatures, but they can be a real help in the early game.

Holy Messenger is a nice card. It gets +2 (+3 leg) attack for every buff it has on it (besides Auras), and since early priest decks will contain a lot of Blessings, this can make a heavy hitter that ignores armour quite cheaply. Priests do suffer from a lack of decent damage, after all, so having high power artillery can really help. Even as a level 70, I still run it for some bosses. I wouldn't recommend it for late-game PVP though. You want a more consistently strong card, there.

Angel Seraph is another good card for the lower levels. If you're running a deck with plenty of life gain, which you probably will be doing as a Priest, since Heavenly Help, Seraph can be very useful. She's an automatic 11/16 (12/20 at Leg) and she can easily change the course of a battle. With enough health to survive most nukes, killing her often means reducing the number of your own creatures, so she can be very useful in early game PVP too.

Then there's Unicorn Revas. Unicorn Revas is an insult to the class.

But, in the end, none of these cards are great for the late game, and I replaced mine more reliable cards that aren't as circumstantial, since late-game fights usually put the priest with the most creatures on the field, rendering Seraph useless.

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Monday, May 16th 2016, 8:22pm

Rangers got Shadow deamon. its really handy to burn hp in gs. epic and legendary rank deals 3 damage to every enemy hero when they draw a card and godlike does 5 damage. its better than garg in my opinion as when dies wont heal 10 hp.

Black cat is the other. its a 3 cd rush card. when a heroes hp is 1/2 or less gains 5 attack leg and godlike is 7. and no matter what class has +5 movement when a heroes hp is 50% or less

its handy for fae users as premed can help activate the ability and fae to the enemy face also can

16 Judgement

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