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Sunday, October 18th 2020, 8:24pm

[Guide] Locked Cards

Hello heroes,

Since the topic (and complaints) about locked cards comes up again and again, I would like to briefly explain what the cards are about and what special features they have.

What are locked cards?

Locked cards look like ordinary cards, the only difference being that they have a small circled text "Locked" on the middle right side of the card.

Where did i get them?

Probably the most common method is the posibillity to get them from the "Soul Summoner"-function through Soul Fragments.

Other methods are the "Back to Battle" event (With a 100% chance that there is at the end a locked card) and the login bonus (small chance).

What is the difference? Auction house:

You cannot sell locked cards.

What is the difference? Enhancing:

You cannot enhanced llocked cards to the rank "Awakened", the maximal rank of them is "Godlike".
However, you can use them for the "consumption" function, with which you can reduce the amount of silver required for enhancing non-locked-cards.

What is the difference? Guide:

The cards are not counted as "in possession" for progress in the card guide and therefore do not activate the "Card collection rewards".

What is the difference? Battle:

Locked cards are ignored by creatures or skills that retrieve/revive creatures or skills from the graveyard.
To give an example: The "Jugdement" card will never summon a locked "Emperor Augustus" from the graveyard back onto the field.

Something else?:

There are no other restrictions other than the above.
They will behave like unblocked cards on the field and will credit you with the same silver value with the "Consumption" function.

I hope this information will help you in the future to make your decision correctly and to prevent wrong decisions.

With friendly greetings, your Prince Axolotl.
Mit Konstruktivität erreicht man immer mehr als mit puren Schimpfen.

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