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Saturday, June 6th 2020, 9:07am

Honestly, it sounds like you guys are trying to make this event way more complicated than it already is lol. Based on the long discussion thread there's enough confusion as is and just reading some of these suggestions is making my head spin a bit like I get that you guys want the event to be more challenging (not sure why, but ok) yet some of these suggestions seem a bit convoluted, seemingly for the main goal of only allowing a handful of people to actually benefit from the top tier rewards. This is just my outside opinion based on some of the posts I've read, so if anything in here doesn't apply to you I'm not stating it as fact so please don't get offended, thanks.

I mean I’ve been a part of the thread for a bit, and they’re not trying to make it complicated, or less complete-able for lower levels (in-fact I don’t think anything here suggests that.)

The suggestions here are merely to make it so its not full of cheesy loopholes, and while I don’t agree with some things here I know for a fact that I don’t see this as more complicated or level gatekeeping lol.

If you want, provide me with some examples cause I guess idk what you’re pointing at specifically.

I guess my main concern is newer players/lower levels and although some of the suggestions are interesting things like certain stages and such aren't playable under specific levels. However, if the goal is to just make it more fun for yourself and others who may find the event boring or whatever then bouncing ideas off of each other is a good idea as ideas have evolved throughout the thread.
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