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Sunday, February 2nd 2020, 12:20pm

WAZZZUPP (im back)


hahah shout out to the real ones because boi am i happy to be back.
Some of you may not know me and thats okay.

im a living legend back on the game fuse servers

im original a player from ancient den and i played almosy every day for 3 years straight and i was a vip 0 but still had some of the BEST cards at the time. im talking lady nef im talking king vel im talking Ark. Doomsayer

and blah blah anywho it sucks i lost all that that but im flipping back and here to make it to the top again SO WATCH OUT because here i come

Rest in piece to all the guilds i loved

RIP Wolf Pack
RIP Wake n Bacon
RIP Armageddon
RIP Acolytes legion

IT was a good run and i hope to see yall again one day

the best vip 0 on the ancient den server signing off ;P

:star: ~BriffyD~ :star:
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