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Thursday, August 1st 2019, 10:56am

Need More People To Play

I think this game need more people to play, or maybe this game gonna leave by people......maybe :S

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Thursday, December 5th 2019, 5:34am

thats very true. this card game is a strategy based game using cards.
whenever a card gets released by KAL usually what happens is a noob / aka vip 0 player (who is tight and will not spend 1 cent on this game) they usually complain then they write to KAL saying how OP the card/s is and that they cant beat players using specific cards. So what happens then is KAL nerfs the card and gives the player who had that card a small amount of gold or something to reimburse due to card being nerfed. take for example even the card [Pan] that card could be used by many people to get out of tough situations KAL completely removed that card and for example also 11th judgment card they lowered its capabilities even aurora. i dont understand peoples logic. they wish to play this game but cant adapt to new changes of this game. we went through a phase where there many people playing old school rush, fairies, qilins, complete power deck. You dont see now a days any mage playing petrify even. this is what i say all the time to people. the game evolves and if you play the game you got to adapt to the new changes not destroy what was once a amazing game with many players. now you just see lots of people quit or refuse to spend anymore money on this game. people keep complaining about that we need more people playing but they dont adapt to new changes and when that happens and they keep losing then they make petitions to nerf cards or remove cards. maybe KAL should promote their game and spend some money on advertising. im pretty certain i heard about this game because of advertising been done in the past but i never hear any advertisements going around correct me if im wrong. this game is one of my fave games to play on internet i just wished there was more dedication invested by KAL staff members to grow this game. Ive played another game of which i wont mention the name of because i dont want to direct attention off this game. but i played a different game of which was amazing for most of my childhood and if youre reading this post you may understand what game im talking about, the game was very interesting then many people made petitions and they wanted to change the whole perspective of how the game was played. i think KAL has got a good structure of how this game is played but too many people complain of being vip 0 and dont invest in buying any cards on here and all the other vip players have to suffer. the vip players are why KAL still operate. they to have family to feed and pay bills hence why every week there is always a new card introduced into the game to be able to purchase. bottom line if everyone keeps complaining about new cards that come out and they end up being nerfed then why are we wasting peoples time effort and money. people even have the option to recharge 30k gold to get a gl rank card like thats a decent amount of money spent and its people like that who can afford and do want to evolve as a player in strength etc. i never see any recharge for card of choice either example recharge 5k gold for legendary or 10k gold for gl rank card i never see any of those types of forum events anymore at all now a days. i think we as a KAL community should stop complaining how strong people are and if we want to grow as players example Kaynie and Alenka - i got to give credit to both of them. They recharge and know what cards they want and they put together some unstoppable decks of which you pretty much see them dominate pvp all the time. these days its rare to get a pvp battle going and the best times to get battles going are after season ends for some reason theres just many more battles then. take for example Thrasymachus even. i think he was #1 player before correct me if im wrong but he was a extremely good player and a strong one to. he was disappointed in the game dying to and from what ive heard has spent a large sum of money on this game and no longer plays now. if thats not telling you something idk what is

MyNameJeff (S5) Azrael (Real Jeff)
Happy to help in game if anyone needs help feel free to ask.
Enjoy your day :)
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Thursday, December 5th 2019, 1:01pm

You're acting like they nerf/remove cards every month. It's very rare they do that, and usually it takes a long while before the changes come into effect. The 3 or 4 cards I could name that they have done this to, were all for benefit of the game and is not the reason people leave, they leave because the game has become stagnant and nothing gets improved or updated, so it' s just the same thing over and over again.

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