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Wednesday, January 23rd 2019, 8:57pm

How can anyone complain about this pack? Are you fucking dumb? The pack is actually way underprized for what it gives. The pack contains 3 top meta cards (praxia, carolina, farrah) which drop quite frequently and tons of very good and playablecards most of you would do a 4k bonanza for anyways (tiger doyen, golden aurelia, the reversed version of it, swinging gogo etc.). If someone could complain then its those who bought praxia a month ago for a big recharge. Quite cheeky of Dema to release a epic card as big recharge when he already knew he will put it in a pack a month later.
i am just telling the truth about what i feels and what i got from opening 40+ packs. i know nothing change even if i complain in this forum.
leg elite's =bernice x3 ( weird)
epic elite's =bobo, phoenix, ruiko
the rest is junks non elite cards

btw im non VIP, and its take me long time to gather 8k ruby. im brave myself to open pack which is i rarely do.
im agree about underprize pack, but see,not everyone lucky enough to get card what they want.
so who's dumb here ? :)
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Thursday, January 24th 2019, 5:10pm

remove craps from pack and put for 298 rubbies and thats it i got so many synth craps in 20 + pack

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