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Tuesday, January 1st 2019, 5:18pm

Supremacy ended to early

Supremacy ended today , while it should end on 2-1-2019 10:00 am cet.

So most people wasted a minimum of 700 gold .

Most people now missed their hard needed opal frags !!!

What is KAL gonna do about it ?
Doesnt KAL see that more and more people are getting upset of all the blunders KAL is making last 6-12 months ?
MOre and more people are quitting the game, mostly because there isnt any answer from KAL itself and people are getting a bit tired of it.


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Tuesday, January 1st 2019, 5:35pm


Supremacy did not end prematurely. I spent 700 gold on one pack and achieved the required amount of points yesterday in order to receive rewards, which I got this morning.

Given that the event started at the same time on all servers, I can only assume that you forgot to get the free pack on one of the days and now, realizing your blunder, are attempting to blame KaL for your own negligence.


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Tuesday, January 1st 2019, 8:04pm

It was supposed to end today I'm pretty sure

Come on Wilfried Bony
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Wild wild wild
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Tuesday, January 1st 2019, 9:02pm

Yup, 1 extra pack was enough if you claimed daily. But it probably wasnt the best choice to let it run for 14 days within the holidays, ez to miss a day that way or to end up claiming it delayed on multiple days and requiring a 2nd pack due to it in the end.

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