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Thursday, December 20th 2018, 4:31pm

Open Letter - Dec'18

Dear Heroes,
Xmas Vacation is here!

KAL has had a year of up’s and down’s but I wanted to really try some new stuff this year and I think I managed it.
Some successful, some not…my point was to try and change the rut or stagnation that many games fall into when power creep becomes such an issue.

Soon we will see a new Boss and whilst it won’t be anything too challenging, and the rewards also not spectacular, it is a ‘proof-of-concept’ for us, that we can get the GameDevs to react or port something to our version, and something I am already preparing for other new Bosses.

You have already experienced the Xmas Quests…they were far from perfect but I was happily surprised to get them all.
Inside were a few new Quest ‘triggers’ that we needed the GameDevs to create (but they should just be editing existing ones with new integers).

Due to the ‘auto-complete’ nature of the quest reward claim button, I know some of you prefer the events where the rewards are tallied and sent-out to you via Mail.
What you don’t see is the amount of work that is behind that…and my wish with this Xmas Quests was to change that….place more work on the GameDev side and make the game mechanics work for us/me in rewards distribution.

I would like to keep on with these Quest ideas, I think we’ve only scarped the surface of what can be done with them and I actually really enjoyed the feeling of ‘creating’ something, setting up the files and design doc for the GameDevs.My dream is getting these new Quests to interact with these forthcoming new Bosses (or maybe existing ones).

Coming up, addition of some new Booster Packs will make the availability of rare and exclusive Promotional cards more prolific for the community.In the new year, I will be planning to fiddle with event durations and even event start / end times to make Quality of Life adjustments for both you, the devs and myself.
It’s sadly not uncommon for an event to go wrong due to a Maintenance (Supremacy, 7 Days of Bonus Gold), entailing manhours spent on rectifying the issue. I would rather avoid this and think I have a better chance by changes in scheduling. I am just putting thoughts to paper here…any confirmed changes to Start/End times will be announced.And for sure there are other things I would like to achieve, plans to attempt, but I will hold talking about them until another day.
I would be complacent if I didn't acknowledge the amazing work and support given to me by the volunteer/mod team. I know that they have to put up with a lot, from myself, from you, from the Devs or technical Gremlins.
It can be a difficult and challenging job, considering that they do it for the love of the game.

Many of the things that have been accomplished this year are a direct result of their drive, urging, poking, pushing and gentle reminders. You should not underestimate their work and give them a big hand, because they have fought for you numerous times for events, better rewards, compensations and more. There have been projects or ideas that I had always thought "impossible" but have now been implemented. Seriously, they are doing a great job!

And finally... The game wouldn't exist without you...many of you have strong 'personalities' and have played for a long time. I know that not all of the choices I make are hailed or welcomed, but I really do try to give you the best bang for your buck or your time, within the framework or circumstances I have to deal with, whilst keeping it a profitable game.
The new bosses, quests and rewards I am trying to achieve are exactly because I want you to be entertained, so you'll come back next year!

With very festive wishes;
^Demadrend! :love:

Should problems arise within the next couple of weeks, there may be a 'longer-than-usual' (don't laugh!) delay in resolving them as our own Technical-Team enjoy their holidays, as do the Game-Developers.

:D Demadrend :D
Product Manager
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