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Friday, August 31st 2018, 5:18pm

i will give you different exemple:

imagine they put one event that say if you recharge for 30k gold and you get one equipment of your choise at godlike rank, then you recharge and after that they say to you that they changed is mind and will give you one equipment legend. Are you ok with that? i dont think so... because you actually recharge a lot to focus on getting that piece of equipment godlike wich is very difficult to get... basically its the same here that happens with cards, You recharge 30k gold to get a really powerful godlike even if you dont need that gold... then they decide to change that card to something really thats the point here... Its legal to do that because you accepted the terms of gamingo, but you will continue to recharge after they did that to you???

Thats all i want to say from the begining. Nothing against Gamingo Staff or rules, they are doing a good job regardless of this isolated cases. And Kal its far better than any other different Version of this game.


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