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Saturday, December 26th 2020, 2:53am

Author: hydraxokapi

KAL app on Mac

Based on my experience, I suggest that you do not try to use WineBottler: First, it does not work; and, second, the WineBottler website contains browser malware. Instead, do this: First, Download Windows 10 from the Microsoft website. Second, in MacOS, go to Applications/Utilities/Boot Camp Assistant. Third, use Boot Camp Assistant to install windows on your Mac. Note, this can be frustrating, due to FAT32 not allowing large enough file sizes to install Windows 10 and/or MacOSX creating "Snapsho...

Wednesday, December 23rd 2020, 6:17am

Author: hydraxokapi

Spelling "A" for Advent

Hero: CrashTestDummy Server: S16 Judgement

Sunday, December 20th 2020, 7:26pm

Author: hydraxokapi

Puzzle Power

Hero: CrashTestDummy Server: S16 Judgement

Thursday, December 17th 2020, 4:49pm

Author: hydraxokapi

KAL Windows Client ported to MacOSX with Winebottler?

Has anyone figured out how to configure the porting of the KAL Windows Client to MacOSX with Winebottler? The WineBottler "Advanced" menu has over fifty different options and requires in-depth knowledge of the needs of the KAL client to "bottle" the Windows client for MacOSX. If someone could figure out appropriate the "Program Installation", "Program Execution", "Wine Tricks", and "App Bundle" options, please post so other Mac users can continue to play KAL. Additionally, please indicate whethe...

Thursday, December 10th 2020, 8:59pm

Author: hydraxokapi


Hero: CrashTestDummy Server: S16 Judgement P.S. Maximum File Size of 150Kb is ridiculously small, my original screen shot is 3.5MB! Even at 32 pixels per inch, screen shot 396Kb. Had to downsize to 18 pixels/inch to get below 150Kb attachment.

Wednesday, January 8th 2020, 7:19pm

Author: hydraxokapi

Level 50

Hero: Shaman Server: Bastien