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Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017, 08:18

Patch Notes | July 11, 2017

Remember to always clear your cache and cookies after every maintenance and before starting the game!

Let's welcome some of the players from LOYGame! If you happen to be one of these players, please look here to learn how to earn the most of your stay!
Event list will be updated here, make sure to check it out to keep on top of our server events!
Keep an eye out for additional events that will be posted in our forums!

New Cards

Check out the new cards you can get during events this patch!

Bug Fixes

The Hanging Woman's Ability "Hangin' Around" was corrected to read "...will return 2 random creatures from the graveyard to the player's deck"
All Lover's Rings will now be translated. Bye bye Chinese characters!

:heart: iArches :heart:
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