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Saturday, October 13th 2018, 9:32pm

Emrys the Unyielding(5* Human, 7/5/21, Cavalry(+2 Movement. Cavalry), Sunder Armour(Damage dealt cannot be reduced), Combat Master(Deals double damage to creatures with abilities: Cavalry, Flying, Archer, Armour and Wall)

Very underrated unit, mostly because at current moment he actually doesnt worth 1500 Medals. But he is awesome if you manage to grab him cheap in AH. 7 cd is massive, but this unit awesomeness makes up for long wait. His unique ability,Combat Master, allows him to deal 2x damage to very common types of units( mean that he will almost all the time will deal double damage on Boss runs), and his damage cannot be reduced. This, coupled with his high hp makes him a invaluable lane cleaner and a notable damage dealer. The problem is, hovewer, he is not that good as other options in pvp shop, and also he is quite vulnerable to spears being Cavalry. But aside of that, he is a worthy pick in AH for cheap price, because he is equally useful everywhere, and high cd isnt that a big deal really. Also i like his look of heavy armor knight))

Awakened form has improved CD due to Majesty, better movement, and no vulnerability to spears, but there is a plenty of better options available.

Got one from AH for 200 gold, and he is definitely worth the purchase.

Retributor Dominica(5* Dragon(locked version), 8/5/19, Bodyguard(Takes all damage that would be dealt to its Summoner when in play), Shield Ward(Cannot be affected by negative effects), Wyrm Skin(Reduces damage taken by 3(unless Holy or sundered), Draconic Majesty(Countdown ability. Each turn the summoner puts 4 or more creatures on the battelfield, this cards Countdown is reduced by 1. Immune to the effect of Inspiration, Distraction and placing this card from the hand into the graveyard.))

An interesting unit, working as extra buffer hp to your hero. She is tanky due to Wyrm Skin, has considerable damage and cannot be putted by Ranger skills from hand to graveyard. But the best part is a Shield Ward, making her invulnerable to a lot of conditions, such as Forgetfullness or Petrify, making her even better. Again, high cd isnt a big deal and its an awesome unit overall. Might be in handy when your hero has low hp.

Got one from Daily Login reward.

Aphrodite(4* Outsider, 5/1/12, Vengeful Curse(Damaged creature will be cursed for next attack, any damage it deals, it will also receive),Wink(Has a 50% chance to control a random enemy creature within range for 1 turn))

Currently pretty much inferior to Flora Lee, hovewer still good and fun to use in specific deck. She has pretty same usage and disadvantages as Flora Lee, but deals more damage due to Vegeful Curse. Hovewer, she has only a 50% chance of charm the enemy and can easily die because of that. But, aside from that, she is pretty fun to use together with Flora Lee and Lotus Honeysuckle in one deck.

Got one from Trojan War event pack

Trojan Horse(4* Outsider, 5/0/14, Lumbering(-1 Movement), Trojan Horse( Summons 1 random Trojan Peltast, Trojan Archer or Trojan Hoplite in adjacent square on every 3rd turn in play. Summoned creatures are immune against "Predator")

Once was very popular, because its a simple and efficient summoner. Lumbering is rather an advantage, making this unit last long and it summons the units with same rarity unlike most of other cheap summoners. Still pretty good to use in PvE, hovewer is outclassed by better summoners.

Got one from Trojan War event pack

Healing Harmony(4* Angel, 4/4/14, Holy Bells(Hand ability. Creature is immune to cd changing abilities)

A good reliable offensive healer, but require an upgrade to Legendary. With every healing she became tankier, and also she deal Holy damage making her a good creature for nearly any deck.

Got one from Booster Bonanza.
DracconiFoX, S-17
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