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[Suggestion] Cant Login/Error

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Saturday, September 8th 2018, 3:25pm

5 days can not log in

its been 5 days now that I cant even log into the game, it doesn't even give me a loading screen. I talk with many people and friends I made and there are some that can not log on as well, The USA facebook server is down I think. EU facebook game users work, but only USA facebook users can not log onto game. I don't know whats the problem but its been 5 days now. I wish I could get a answer on what is going on.

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Saturday, September 8th 2018, 9:35pm

if you are banned you can still log into game etc, just on loading screen a little message box pops up (like when you disconnect)and tells you you have been banned then boots you out

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Sunday, September 9th 2018, 7:16pm

If you're banned it usually doesn't allow to log into your account it will give you a message such as "this account is currently locked"

Also you should check your email and if you're banned it will state the ban length and the reason. Did I just get stronger with Anyu? :rolleyes:
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Monday, September 10th 2018, 7:36am

Have a constant trouble with log in as well, but i got some way to log in. If you get a black screen instead of loading, just change your server to Deutch and back, and you will be able to log in. Helps to me, maybe someone else have similar log-in issue))

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