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Today, 1:41pm

the last weeks of KaL are really disappointing. When I saw the Event I was already a little bit disappointed, that there is such a small Event in KaL for such a major Event in Reallife. I mean, the World Cup is just every 4 years and pretty much everyone is watching it or talking about it for 4 weeks, no matter if football fan or not. I expected something more in KaL to celebrate it, then just giving a few predictions.

Well but then you even managed to screw the Event up. And on top of this you do not manage to give a statement in time. The Ball exchange ends tomorrow, I already see you sending us footballs on Monday, which we won't be able to exchange within the next 2 years or so. I would suggest to send horsehairs by now as this will be the next exchange Event according to the July preview or straight fire rubys to just make up for all this.

The Towahli compensation or "good will", because the Developers declined a real compensation is also quite disappointing. I don't understand why the card got nerfed instead completly removed, the french couldnt even vote a nerf, the germans and englisch communites clearly favoured a removal over a nerf. It doesn't make sense to me. In her current stage shes just fodder for hybrid creation, because shes unplayable anyways. Just remove her and compensate people appropriate. On top of this the communication is also quite horrible, to find official replies you have to check the french and german forums, because no one feels the need to say anything in the english forums.

The game is already in a horrible state. And the disrespectul treatment of your playerbase is not really helpful in making people stay. Its time to step your game up Demadrend...

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Today, 5:25pm

You guys should be happy, I can agree that the lack of infos can be annoying but if I look at the other version of the game like rise of mythos, we never got such events and we probably never will. Also the compensation you got for towahli is something we'll never get also even if towahli was a recharge card.
On rise of mythos due to an loop created with judgement, mareth and another called "maid mitsuki" all the cards acting like judgement were nerfed and we never got a compensation about it either. So you guys are very lucky and should accept whatever they give you...they could also make no events and give you nothing as compensation but they've done it so be happy.

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Today, 7:28pm

Yeah Miharu i feel the GMs & admins here at KAL would appreciate more PRAISE. I also played in ROM and its a lot better here at KAL. More events & exciting developments please. THANK YOU in advance! :*
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