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Tuesday, March 27th 2018, 8:51am

Element Events!!! Whats the point?

What really is the point in putting on the Element events? it's ni on impossible to obtain the top prize! hell even getting the middle prize
is almost just as hard! reason for that?! because certain elements are set to hardly ever come out!!!
so whats the point? it makes the elements good for little more than chipping in for silver! it's annoying! it's crap! and it could be changed!
hell it should be changed! the drop rate for the rarer elements needs increasing! and i'm not talking an increase from 1% chance to 1.5%!!!!! i'm talking 15-20% chance for them to drop! make them a little harder to get out but let them actually come out for god sake!
Sort it out!! :cursing:

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Tuesday, March 27th 2018, 9:52am

The "free" ones you receive are more for a taste of the rewards; the main purpose is to reward recharging or consuming gold (on a larger scale)

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