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[Suggestion] Turn timer

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Wednesday, January 10th 2018, 10:42pm

Turn timer

So I just learned that people have stalling lists in pvp if you use certain cards. ( 11th being one )
Can i make the suggestion of if people are letting there turns run out like 3 times in a row they get less time on the next turn?
Its annoying playing games with people where its constantly 30 seconds and they arent even playing anything or doing anything.
Or something that would stop people from stalling. I know this has also been an issue in showdown. people will purposely stall to win instead of fighting it out.
Come on its a turn based strategy game. Think ahead for your next move. Yes 30 seconds sometimes even screws me over with not enough time but thats the game.
Im not looking for shorter turns every time. Just people stalling or not even playing. switching it to auto or something.

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These Heaux


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Wednesday, January 10th 2018, 11:29pm

i agree, These stallers are a buncha newbs! :cursing:

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This game just preys on the super addicted to spend spend spend only to fight the same boring bosses and same lame people in pvp everyday.

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