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[Criticism] The Astralabe

These Heaux


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Thursday, December 21st 2017, 11:39am

The Astralabe

I'll take Cards that may have been relevant 3 years ago for 600 Johnny

Seriously who comes up with these decisions to put this crap in events :thumbdown:

Next thing you know theres going to be Legend Rank Fodder in Login event but no Epic.....OH WAIT :cursing:

anyways....MERGE/VICE PACKS!

Midane - On all the time, but cant host events. hue hue hue idk how i got this position.

Hire new GMs for English servers. Some just afk on forums all day and never host events.
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Thursday, December 21st 2017, 11:53am

This wall is new one, not that old one, just looks same, maybe crappy, but you don't have to recharge for it and it's super nice that they gave thing that allows Zodiacks to work whole year, I would advise remove their months barriers tho, but they wouldn't listen anyways. Those cards need it, as even with their additonal abilities working whole year they will be weak now, without it they are just garbage :love:

When the world is ever changing
Light a candle in the dark
There's a source of inspiration in the air
Let the magic dry your tears and heal your heart

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Thursday, December 21st 2017, 6:48pm

Agree with you, that zodiac cards should use all full abilities all the time, to make some of then at least decent cards, they are so outdated that doesn´t make sense to have events with then. :thumbdown:

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Thursday, December 21st 2017, 7:43pm

This Game Just Need to Clean Up!

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Friday, December 22nd 2017, 6:42am

Maybe Awakened on the way
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