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Monday, December 4th 2017, 1:29pm

Assembly order doesnt work.

Hello Kal group.

I have some consumable items called assembly order and when I click doesn't work it. I await your response and thank you for your attention.

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Monday, December 4th 2017, 1:30pm

try attempting to raid after your 5 tries are expired and it should ask if you want to use an assembly order (i think 2 a day max)

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Monday, December 4th 2017, 1:32pm

Once you have used up all attempts on battlement ,you can then do more battlements as it will ask you if you want to use the assembly order.
Clicking on it wont do anything

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Monday, December 4th 2017, 4:27pm

As Tripp1000 and Help were saying use up your normal amount of raids then if you try to raid again it should prompt you saying your outta attempts would you like to use an assembly order, the number of times you can use an assembly order is based on your vip level. to reference how many times you can use an assembly order a day click the guide button at the top center of the battlements menu and scroll all the way down there it will have a list of vip levels and number of assembly tickets that can be used.

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Monday, December 4th 2017, 5:03pm

VIP 0 can use 1 Assembly Order per day :love:

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