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These Heaux


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Monday, October 30th 2017, 4:06am

Can a GM do a Tower pack test?

The ratio must be supppppppppppppppper low like .05% for any of the 4 towers to drop.

Does the use of gold give you better chance of getting one?

Curious how many packs a GM would have to open before one appeared.

Im close to 20k rubies used...i know other spent tons more ;(

No Divine Tower

anyways. thx :)

Maybe throw them in an event :D

Midane - On all the time, but cant host events. hue hue hue idk how i got this position.

Hire new GMs for English servers. Some just afk on forums all day and never host events.
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Monday, October 30th 2017, 4:51am

The last time these were given out for free was when I got the priest tower... You just keep spending gold boo boo

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Monday, October 30th 2017, 5:55am

almost 4000g spent not even a legend card from that pack :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

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