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Monday, June 12th 2017, 10:20pm

Game breaking cards, saddles and broken in game metas !

First one spoiler which should be small recharge and ofc should be brought here soon : Sylvi Priest Belin - When summoned all other friendly creatures gain upon death, restores to full life for 3 turns, OP combo with 11th for example rebound saddle won't help :whistling:

I think this cards broke this game the most, some of them cost you mass quits of players like Wheel and Modesty...

1.['11th Hour' Towahli] totally anti f2p anti non rebound saddle users, and anti priest and warrior class cos 0 nukes 1 cd
2.[Modesty] totally anti your earings cos when it makes everything usless on field people didn't want to recharge for other cards
3.[Wheel of Fortune] totally anti priest card cos only good skills are buffs and anti mage quite too cos petrify debuff, others don't care
4.[Mercy] all opponents creatures have 1 attack till it don't dies, well that says everything about her
5.[Chastity] hard to kill on godlike, same time best cards in game are low attack, so she just can be game winner
6.[Salaine Voidgarde] if she doesn't die fast it's a 100% lose, cos sanct after sanct army will be unbeatable
7.[Gluttony] all enemy creatures receive double damage from all sources and -1 movement sureee
8.[Arrogance] all enemy creatures deal themself damage when hit and she can only die by itself
9.[Judgement] unlimited creatures, cos summons one creture from graveyard each turn
10.[The Moon] 100% ressurect for adjective creatures x1
11.[Aurora Veloxia] easy spike rush wins, cos maximum movement for 1 turn summoned newly creatures, lol she was nerfed too ability change: Only cards summoned by Aurora's summoner gain ability: Featherstep
12.[Crowing Jin]] posibility for reborn spike rush, cos all friendly creatures status infiltrate and +1 movement
*[Fatale Sapphire] skills begone
*[Redmaw Addlemace] skills begone

Saddles changed this game from card game to dunno now what...

1.Rebounding it killed ability to rush and at equal games owner of it will easly win against player without it
2.Sticky when two players for example have it, then all opponents creatures even -2 movement, very funny lmfao
3.Dispelling each turn remove a buff from random enemy unit (bye, bye priest)
4.Cleansing each turn remove a debuff from a random friendly unit (lick me mage)
5.Reaping created other option of stupid meta in game

One broken specialstic creature [The Djinn] gives unlimited skills, compare to him all other specialistic creatures are garbage

One still broken skill [Cull The Weak] older players shoud know that before nerf this card was dealing damage to enemy players too

As last but really important too our beloved broken metas in game 8o

#1 [Magical Faerie][Mystical Faerie][Enchanting Faerie][Queen Narissa] super fast growing in power, holy, flying, 1 even counterattack

#2 [Smouldering Qilin][Glowing Qilin][Blazing Qilin][Oriel Ashmane] s17 server killer everywhere 1s, 2s and even 4s with help of faeries

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Monday, June 12th 2017, 10:48pm

i believe there is a song by justin timberlake for this ;P

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Tuesday, June 13th 2017, 1:26am

Was there a point to this thread? Because I am not seeing it. ?( Just a lot free time to tell us card abilities that we already know?
Midane - On all the time, but cant host events. hue hue hue idk how i got this position.

Hire new GMs for English servers. Some just afk on forums all day and never host events.
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Tuesday, June 13th 2017, 5:43am

Still they still got their own weaknesses so no prob for this

GGWP! ITS ALL DONE BY ME :kitty: :kitty: :kitty:
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Thursday, June 15th 2017, 9:31am

for nr 3 yes mages uaed petrify but is some now used rarely and for priest buffs used only sanctuary this is annoyng really but i dont see priest using health buffs

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