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Friday, February 17th 2017, 6:57am

Forum Events go 24 hours from announcement please

I'd like to respectfully request forum events go 24 hours from announcement, not just 0:00-23:59. For instance the you typically announce around 8 AM, have it go 8-7:59. On bad days I typically get on around 0-8 so even if you want to tempt me right now it would just be a mystery chance thing of whatever you announce later. This has happened on several events I would have considered buying in on or playing/creating.

A :panda: so Lilpwnd might like me too... ;(
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Friday, February 17th 2017, 1:07pm

7 years ago almost to the day i scratched my finger on the ear ring of a monkeys dolly,,, it was the worst 1702 ever

Alenka - Today at 11:51 AM
you just made it up, you tard
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