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Thursday, February 16th 2017, 2:41pm

[In Game] New server - Bastien - Events

New server is the best place for new ingame events!
This is great opportunity to shine and smash opponents in races. If you don't want to race, no worries... we still have something for you also!
Below you can see events you can participate right now!

Map Race
16.02.2017 - 12.03.2017
Be first who will complete the highest map!
First hero will receive 1x Advances Synth Crystal
For each completed Region (starting with Region 2) - 1x Bumper Card Box (Rare)

Tower Race
21.02.2017 - 28.02.2017
Race over Ascension Tower, reach the highest level of it.
Your Tower Medals will be multiplied.
1st to Level 50 (or next highest) - Tower Medals * 2 + Fire Opal
2nd: Tower Medals * 2
3rd: Tower Medals * 1,5

Reputation Race
16.02.2017 - 12.03.2017
Get highest reputation level with any Race (be the first who reached it)!
Exclude: Angel, Dragon, Demons, Planes

At the end of the event, person with highest reputation is getting doubled crest!

Level Race
16.02.2017 - 12.03.2017
Reach following levels before event end and get rewards!

Lvl 45: Blayse Inferno (Legendary)
Lvl 40: Lethwei Monk (Legendary) - Knockback 3 / Vigilance
Lvl 35: Peryton (Legendary) - Anti-Faerie
Lvl 30: Nüwa (Epic)
Lvl 25: Flaming Redmage (Epic) - Distract Skill 2
Lvl 20: Red-Riding Hood (Epic)

Guild Race
16.02.2017 - 12.03.2017
Get your Guild together and level up! Guild with highest reputation is a winner.

Largest Donor/Contributor of Winning Guild: 10x Epic Fodder + 1x Unicorn Tempest (Legendary)
Guild President: 5x Epic Fodder + 1x Unicorn Tempest (Legendary)
Guild Member: 3x Epic Fodder + 1x Unicorn Mirager (Epic)

Equipment Enchanting
16.02.2017 - 02.03.2017
Enchant your equipment and get extra stuff!

For each new level enchantment reached, get:
1k Silver
1 Elixir of Live
500/1k Crystal Gift Pack (Rare)

Good luck Heroes and enjoy new server!

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