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Saturday, December 24th 2016, 10:05pm

Snowball Question Take 2


I know this was previously asked by Maxim95 but I don't think we got a real answer on it before Leonidas closed the thread.

We got one type of snowball for the Bella Baubles event and a separate type of snowball for the Kristee Masse event. Was this intended, or were they meant to be the same snowball for both events? If they were intended to be the same snowball for both events, will Kristee Masse become available again to those that have more than 8 snowballs combined, but less than 8 when grouped as listed above, once the bug is fixed?

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Saturday, December 24th 2016, 10:25pm

One group of snow balls is bigger than the other! This was made so that previous snow balls from bella would not get tied in with kristee balls. This prevent users from using Bells Balls to claim more than 2 kristees!

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Sunday, December 25th 2016, 7:19pm

because my friend, you are inconstant in making your snowballs, and made some of them too small to match the others!

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