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Wednesday, December 21st 2016, 11:59am

"Help us Demadrend, you're our only hope!" - Interview with DE Man!

Hello Dear Community!
Here is my interview with Demadrend - our mighty Product Manager!
I hope you will enjoy it and find some interesting insights into out game!

Leonidas: Is there any news about the pvp skills. we know they are 'too op' so wont be released,but will there be a upgrade on the pvp shop?

Demadrend: Within the next couple of months, we should see the addition of 4 new Specialist creatures added to the PvP Shop. They will also be F2P Friendly at a low/Medal cost.
There are also translations of a new set of Ultimate Skills that are pretty powerful, but the release time of these remains to be decided.

Leonidas: What plans is there for the future. Any new updates that are coming soon (like a change in pvp rewards, increasing them or more levels to ascension tower will there be new bosses , upgraded blacksmith etc?

Demadrend: Yes, we are hoping to bring Kings and Legends up-to-date with a new City Screen and User Interface, as well as introduce a couple of new features:
- The Guild War for Resources
- New card Sets of the same card in 4 different types/styles

Leonidas: Will the free players have a chance to get the rest of the opal fragments needed to get a black opal as last year we got 54, but no more to be seen.

Demadrend: We are considering a variety of ways to give out Black Opal frags, whether through forum & FB events, Login rewards, or even included in such things as Booster Bonanza prizes.

Leonidas: Will there be more daily login events to make community happy ?

Demadrend: I already have the first scheduled! (In addition to the currently running Advent Calendar login).

Leonidas: Will there be a chance that free players can get more access to gold. Like will the weekly rewards be higher or will the season rewards get changed ? packs should change because they are not suitable since they are there to long

Demadrend: Weekly and Season rewards are tied to the other versions of the game, so it's unlikely to change unless multiple-versions agree and can get the developer's consent. Changing or adding cards to the Season Packs should be easier or more possible.

Leonidas: Are there coming bosses with better drops more gold etc

Demadrend: We don't have any details yet of new upcoming boss types, however we have made a request of the developer to ask about another event style boss (like Trojan War) using some of the additional card sets, like the Dwarves or Norse set. We think these have great potential to make a new and unique boss-theme.

Leonidas: Can all awakened bosses (if you find one) drop fire opals as its big disappointment when they give a measly pink diamond

Demadrend: We can certainly ask, but again this is somethinng that is tied to the other versions of the game.

Leonidas: Is there any news about upcoming merges etc s16 seems to be very empty so could use some more activity servers same for s1-4

Demadrend: We are currently preparing a new set of Servers, and with the launch of those.....the merge of the previous ones should follow shortly after.

Leonidas: Is there any more info which can be given which i didn't ask yet in this Interview and which can be informed to community

Demadrend: New Servers are underway!
Hybrid cards set 3.0 is in the pipeline with some really interesting combo's....such as an ability that adds 3 Common Goblin Bullies to your enemies Deck.
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