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Monday, July 25th 2016, 10:12pm

ways for low level vips to get good cards

first of all simply recharging for a card shouldn't be a thing, well no shit of course it shouldn't purderps. what should we do about it? i'll explain.
basically when it's time for card do be distributed lets say modesty and i also happen to have 500 gold saved up, there should be some type of ticket that when activated after buying that allows modesty to be picked in boss fights or tower picks or some type of achivment during the time of the event. good idea gm's? :S :S :S

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Monday, July 25th 2016, 11:24pm

Very good idea - but only if alongside the ability to simply recharge for it. Having the ability to buy the chance to pick up the cards in a dungeon would be brilliant - people would spend a few hundred gold for the chance, but the chance would be the same as the chance for the normal dungeon legendaries (or more likely, even lower chance) so really, people have paid gold for absolutely nothing! That's genuinely a good idea but for a completely different reason than what you were thinking XD

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