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Sunday, July 8th 2018, 3:09am

Author: GonnaMakeUQuit

s13-15 left to rot?

I say merge servers 1-17 provide compos to all servers 1-17 older servers would get fewer compo's then newer servers. Since newer servers don't have as much power as some of the older servers do. Compo based on age of server should range from: Crystals, Silver, Gold, Rubies, Black opals, Black opal fragments, Fire Rubies, Fire opals. Allow cross server with all of KAL. This would increase over all server activity and area would be non-stop We would be able to max out FZ server rewards More boss ...

Friday, June 15th 2018, 4:30am

Author: DeadlySins

petition to Remove 11th from this game or make some event for all of us have access to 11th.

you guys are the ones complaining bout it, its a game and we've had to deal with all types of meta. This game is starting to be come a OMG that card is TOO OP its need to be banned or Nerf'd. OMG Quilins need to be banned or nerf'd, pan needs to be banned / nerf'd. This community is just a bunch of trolls and cry babies. yes there is a big adv between VIP and non VIP.. people that spend are the ones that help the new content get rolled out. If game keeps turning into a OMG i can't play game caus...

Friday, June 15th 2018, 2:56am

Author: DeadlySins

petition to Remove 11th from this game or make some event for all of us have access to 11th.

If they nurf / ban 11th hour - I want a gdlk card of choice and leg cards of choice. seeing that i have multiple 11th hours

Monday, June 11th 2018, 6:45am

Author: DeadlySins

Any chance of an FZ in june?

TBH we having had a FZ in almost 2-3 months, but they rotate the same D*mn events repeatedly. We haven't had a Daily log on event either in a while. while other Platforms rotate them about once a month. just saying KAL needs to step its game up.

Friday, June 1st 2018, 8:12am

Author: DeadlySins

S17 need to get merged

S17 need to get merged This server is extremely dead, we need to be merged with something so there is around the clock pvp - if u can't merge locally please merge on cross server.

Saturday, April 28th 2018, 4:26pm

Author: DeadlySins

How to do Castle of Bones

I just solo COB cause i hate everyone

Friday, April 27th 2018, 3:11am

Author: DeadlySins

Ban Rebounding Saddles

IMO just give everyone a rebound saddle then tell everyone to WTH up about the who 11th hour thing.

Tuesday, April 17th 2018, 3:46pm

Author: DeadlySins

Response from DEMA

Today, 9:44am RE: s17 - stuck loading Heya, I have forwarded an emergency Notice to game devs and await a response. Cheers! Demadrend Product Manager Homepage | Customer Support | Facebook | Rules | GM Recruiting

Tuesday, April 17th 2018, 3:30pm

Author: DeadlySins

cannot enter in s-17

S17 game still down - stuck loading

Tuesday, March 6th 2018, 6:17pm

Author: DeadlySins

V&V packs

WOW i see you guys failed to add V&V packs to this month even tho you told us last month it was pushed back till march cause it wasnt working right. you guys are failing hardcore.

Monday, February 26th 2018, 6:17pm

Author: DeadlySins

Would like the ability to sell gear & items that take up space in stash.

I would like to see the ability to sell gear / items just not related to cards within the Auction Hall. I will give a few examples on how this will help overall. Pink Diamond- starting point for selling would be 50g per Fire Opal - starting point for selling would be 400g per [Fire Ruby] - Starting point would be around 3000g per The ability to auction gear would benefit all players even if the gear is already level you should be able to sell it. * rare, epic, leg, or godlike gear. Price points ...

Friday, February 2nd 2018, 9:55pm

Author: DeadlySins

Got the wrong carddd

Also Missing Godlike Chastity

Monday, January 29th 2018, 12:55am

Author: DeadlySins

Useless week

they should give everyone the 11th hr make it fair for everyone

Friday, January 12th 2018, 5:24pm

Author: DeadlySins

S1-15 Unplayable (aka Da game broke!!)

if they comp u the same way they did us ur getting 13 epic synth, 1M silver, 3 fire opals, 3 leg synth crystals.

Monday, January 8th 2018, 4:46pm

Author: DeadlySins

Server 17 compensation any news on that admins?

This has to be One of the worst comps i ever seen KAL give... They give better comps if the server crashed during GSD, then what we did. there as a period of time the server was down for 2 day, you give 1000g 18 opal fragmet, horses, silver, rubies ect.. . what the hell im i going to do with 13 epic synth crystals.. the 1.5M silver is nice but what do i need with adv synth crystal also. I mean this was poorly put together and you guys had 6 days to decide.

Sunday, January 7th 2018, 5:35pm

Author: DeadlySins

petition to Remove 11th from this game or make some event for all of us have access to 11th.

i mean you play mage put a scorch in your hand problem resolved. no need to ban the card cause it doesn't suit your needs. My vote is no. Matter of fact buy one of my mage towers and 11th hr isn't a problem.

Sunday, January 7th 2018, 5:33pm

Author: DeadlySins

Server 17 compensation any news on that admins?

I'm just guess its going to be a no go for the rewards. 1 server done for 5/6 days. doesn't mean comp.... if so when are we receiving it.

Friday, January 5th 2018, 12:39am

Author: DeadlySins

Card Text errors and Bugs Post!

Zodiac Tower (the astrolable) (The Stars Aligned) Any zodiac card in play can use its unique ability regardless of time. Give a random enemy hero 1 damage (per each Zodiac card in play). This doesn't occur I've had 5 zodiacs and no hero's get damaged.