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Yesterday, 8:19pm

Author: Unscathed

new world cup form

the event had potential but was managed awfully. forums is understaffed and because of it this event was rushed or late and links ended up breaking with barely any time, or anyone to fix them Quoted from "Kaynie" i guess they should just cancel it and send everyone that participated a fixed amount of balls (like 50).

Thursday, July 12th 2018, 4:42pm

Author: Unscathed

Add Tempest Pack to Shop

it did used to be there during certain events (ancient den i think it was?) but now i think its only on black friday? dont quote me on it though XD

Tuesday, July 10th 2018, 4:17pm

Author: Unscathed

11th nerf comp

agreed. she is still a pesky card but not ruining fun, permanent change!!

Monday, July 9th 2018, 4:36pm

Author: Unscathed

Update Ascension Tower

or more stages please, while i do agree i think there are more aspects that i would prefer to be 'launched' or fixed etc first

Monday, July 9th 2018, 4:35pm

Author: Unscathed

s13-15 left to rot?

Quoted from "Kaynie" Quoted from "Focust" Quoted from "Kaynie" Quoted from "Focust" Quoted from "Reclaim" merge s16 with 13-15 please Um, no. Not without adequate compensation. This is how newer servers die. -Focust and what compensation would be adequate in your opinion? Older Servers have no advantage over S16. Disagree. If S13 has been active more than one year compared to S16, that is one more year of rewards, silver collection, reputation collection, etc., etc., As seen time and time again...

Sunday, July 8th 2018, 9:31pm

Author: Unscathed

s13-15 left to rot?

merge 16. it isnt really active but i agree with focust dont overkill the merge - s16 isnt doing so great (like most servers i presume)