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Tuesday, June 5th 2018, 4:23am

Author: Damo

Farrah starr ???

Quoted from "Dragon" Movement bug? She is consider a range card , +2 range. All range card stay still when attacking creature in atk range. But she acts like a melee, she would walk first before attacking. some ranged cards do move before attacking. example - searing cerd, vhiseria

Thursday, April 12th 2018, 3:18am

Author: Damo

Ban of Pan

rangers with 2 awakened nids and 2 awakened disturbances wont miss him to much plus kimono masami and ser crumbsalot to help them along. But i wouldnt worry theyll bring him back but as a recharge just to screw low vip and vip0 over a little bit more.

Thursday, February 15th 2018, 2:45am

Author: Damo

Valentine Event

1) Ingame Nickname: Damo19 2) Server No.: 10 -Smasha Rulk 3) Skill Choice desired: Chosen One 4) Link of your image:

Thursday, February 15th 2018, 2:15am

Author: Damo

St. Valentine Event

1) Ingame Nickname: Damo19 2) Server : S10 - Smasha Rulk 3) Ultimate Skill wished : Chosen One 4) Link of your card : 301 Moved Permanently

Thursday, January 26th 2017, 2:20am

Author: Damo

Sink the Ship II !

A3 Damo19 S-10

Thursday, January 5th 2017, 10:47am

Author: Damo

stupid maps

Quest worked ok today and yesterday for me

Friday, August 5th 2016, 2:37am

Author: Damo

New & Upcoming Cards Spoilers

Minister Jill Frost Shock Fatigue 2 2x Distraction 1 Blazing Blade Warcraze +3 range. Maim 2, lasting 5 turns. Lumbering. Hit and Run Armor 3 Dragon Princess Sade 4 damage blood price Holy Dragon scale: reduces physical damage to 3, reduce magic damage by 2. Dragon Fang Pike: +1 range, deals double damage to cavalry. Vigilance, cleave. Lust Lust: Charmed while summoner’s hp is above half, gain teleport once summoner’s hp is below half. Soul Eater 1 When dealing damage to a hero, draw a card and ...