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Thursday, October 26th 2017, 8:56pm

Author: DeadlySins

Signing off for a while until KAL gets it things together

Well guys i have been playing on KAL for almost 2 years now - Start on S16- then jumped to S17. I enjoyed playing, but what im finding out is that this game is stuck in a loop. most of my complaints are coming from S17. * you haven't released tarots & V/V packs * the only time you seem to let tarots come out is if the server crashed for a long period of time or you failed to deliver forum gifts. (annoying & sad) * you continually re-cycle the same cards repeatedly, I mean its nice but come on, ...

Wednesday, October 25th 2017, 6:17am

Author: DeadlySins

Merge S1-S16

I don't often play on S16 but do et. I mean i been hearing bout a merge for almost 1.5 years and still nothing my god just merge the server, then merge S17 with the and give us like 10 awakeneds 5 black opels 15 fire rubiess 100M silver and we can go. also would need a few vice and virtue packs and were good.

Monday, October 23rd 2017, 10:05am

Author: DeadlySins

Nurf judgement -

when is judgment going to be nurf'd - make all creatures summoned wait 1 turn before playing. (They had to do this on ROM cause it was a auto loss) I mean when u play judgement and 11th hour - thats a instant loss cause the defender will not be able to get any cards out with is a major disadvantage. don't get me wrong I'm VIP10 and asking for this.

Friday, October 13th 2017, 3:26pm

Author: DeadlySins


same unable to log on

Monday, October 2nd 2017, 4:06am

Author: DeadlySins

What happened to sept 26th events and sundae rewards?

anymore updates on when this will be resolved - going on 5-6 days. do we have a ETA on when we'll receive the fix.

Thursday, September 21st 2017, 1:44am

Author: DeadlySins

S17 booster cards and packs

so this server is pushing 7 months old when are you going to release tarot packs or vice and virtue packs. Also why do you keep giving the same cards repeatedly - this is the 3rd time u have giving maggie moonshine and the 2nd time for Zara. I mean this game is good and all and has way more cards then that. How about giving pan or something how about doing changes instead of the same **** thing every other month i mean the devs can't come up with something better?

Wednesday, July 26th 2017, 5:36pm

Author: DeadlySins

Can't access site or game

This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_RESET This is what im getting when trying to access game

Wednesday, July 26th 2017, 5:34pm

Author: DeadlySins

server down?

Having issues logging on are we having server issues? Regardless of what browser i attempt all are getting the same error: This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

Saturday, July 22nd 2017, 8:17pm

Author: DeadlySins

Petition to ban qirins from the game!!!!!!

I wouldn't say ban - personally i think they shouldn't be allowed to have stack damg. that way our not getting hit with 10-30 life per skill used. Just like if u put greed and heirophant - they don't allow that damg as stack. only one of them can do the damg but not both. just a suggestion

Saturday, July 1st 2017, 3:09am

Author: DeadlySins

Guild EXP Significantly decreased

that is due to people leaving your guild, lets say someone had 50K donations - if they quit ur guild you would be out 50K from the total of the guild.

Monday, June 19th 2017, 6:01am

Author: DeadlySins

Father's Day Event Entries

Server: S17 Bastein Players: Bojanckles, Dragonlee, SinGinMadness, Gekko lightshot

Monday, June 19th 2017, 2:57am

Author: DeadlySins

browser problem

Still having browser issues. ETA on when this will be completed would be Awesome

Sunday, June 18th 2017, 3:33am

Author: DeadlySins

browser problem

So is it still down? cause im not able to get the game to load

Friday, May 26th 2017, 8:24am

Author: DeadlySins

President offline

President neeeds to be off for greater than 14 days before they switch president. I know thats how it works on ROM.

Saturday, April 15th 2017, 11:51pm

Author: DeadlySins

Event Suggestion Thread

Quoted Quoted from "DeadlySins" How about a Happy hour on gold Between like 12am-5am or 12p - 5pm- by it @ a discounted rate I'm not sure how possible this idea is, but it could be something plausible. Or something similar can be done. (Also what country as Happy hour at 5:00am? I need to know for vacation reasons...) Would it be more of an automated discount, or similar to a voucher code? --------- Yes more automated discount / Voucher could If your like me your on Eastern standard time which ...

Saturday, April 15th 2017, 9:50pm

Author: DeadlySins

Different type of events

I would Like to see more log on events, instead of 10 days how about 30/31 days depending on how many days in a month. Make the last day gift worth it: godlike box, ruby, opal fragment something worth the loyalty of your players. Rotate in FZ more often Rotate in Supremacy more often ------- How about event that we can use crystals on since their pointless after everything hits level 20 Opening packs with crystal: 15000 crystal per packs for chance at epics 40,000 crystals per pack for a chance ...

Monday, March 13th 2017, 2:08am

Author: DeadlySins

log in problems again!!!

Quoted from "RevyQuinnXD" I bought over 200 dollars worth of gold in these last couple events. Completely regret doing it. Sigh... I might not quit but I am definitely not spending money here again. I wont quit just because the game itself is fun still. hell i'm 40K shy of VIP 10 on S17 trust me - over 14 hours down - nothing other than we don't know what the hell were doing on our side. we'll debate if we feel like giving you some compensation. I totally regret starting another server **** lik...

Monday, March 13th 2017, 12:37am

Author: DeadlySins

log in problems again!!!

is it still down cause i still can't log on?